Moms that do In- Home Daycare

This is for those Moms who quit their career to stay at home with their kids, but still need an income to pay bills and do fun things!! Let me know your feelings and struggles with being home all day with no outside interaction.


What are good childcare rates?

I am thinking of 20$ a day for 1 child. 30$ for 2 children that are siblings. I was also thinking on Friday nights, Sat, and Sun charging a little more, since it's the weekend....


Family watching children

I watch my sisters 2 children, 3 months and 7 years old, for 7 hours a day. I provide diapers and feed my nephew breakfast and lunch. She provides formula. She makes $900 a...


How much do I charge?

I'm a stay at home mom I live in Alabama and I'm about to start keeping a child he is one yr old 3-4 days a week about 8-9 hrs a day I have to two kids of my own 2 and 10...



I am a stay at home mom. I babysat my husband's 4 year old niece since birth but recently have stopped because I had a baby and she started a new daycare and wanted to continue...


Jealousy in my child

I've been running a child care from my home for a little over a year now. I also have an infant son and a 3 year old daughter. Ever since my son was born my daughter started...



I did daycare from my home for 2 1/2 years before I decided to become a licensed provider.. I cannot BELIEVE i waited so long!! If you are trying to decide if you want to become...


Is anyone still here?

It looks like no one has posted in a while. I just discovered COM today. I've been doing daycare for 8 years now and am always looking for other providers to share with....


Forest Park, GA

Anyone know of an in-home daycare operating in this area? Looking for any recommendations that might be available...thanks! :)