Moms that Do It All

This community is for mothers that not only take care of their children, but their entore households as well as work and/or go to school. There are a lot of mothers, both young and older, who do not receive enough or any appreciation, recognition, and acknowledgment for all that they do. *and trust me we do a lot lol*. So this is for us, ladies. So post your stories, questions, or whatever else you choose. We have to stick together for our children and for each other :)


Feeling frustrated and overwhelmed

I am the mother of two young boys...most of the time I feel like all that I do is never enough in the eyes of my husband. I work full time. I come home and accomplish my wifely...


What diaper/wipes brand do you prefer?

Every mother is different when it comes to diaper brands. Wheter it's due to to the name, the price, or the ingredients, we all have our preferences. What is ur preference and...


Easily putting ski boots on

For mothers with child skiers out there, there is a new gadget for putting your child’s boots on easily: = cheep & easy