Need Help !! I'm new homeschooling .. I need to know how many quizzes or tests should I give my 5 grader for each lesson.i really appreciate your help.


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Becky - posted on 08/11/2015




Hi Marie! I agree with Deborah. I too was a classroom teacher prior to becoming a learning coach. One thing you want to check out though, are your state homeschooling requirements. Some states require more in the way of "proof" of learning. While you can certainly gather this information simply by observing and talking to your child, an occasional test (like one every month or two) might help to prove your child is progressing if required by law. However, if the law doesn't specify you need test results, just keep notes of things you observe.

Good luck -

Deborah - posted on 06/16/2015




I was a teacher before I became a life coach. Don't feel you need to always give a quiz or test to prove that your child is learning. Indeed one of the advantages of homeschooling is that there is thought to be much less testing than in the school environment. Some people think that the huge number of tests in schools actually turns children off learning. The most important thing is to make the learning you do fun and to talk about things together. You will be able to gauge from what you talk about how much your child has understood.

Also it might be worthwhile reading something like or this book:

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