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I want to spread the word of John Taylor-Gatto. Look him up. He has authored many books. Dumbing Us Down among them. He was NY State teacher of the year more than once. Our schools are designed to stop us from thinking for ourselves. If you are educating young ones please avail yourself of his vast array of knowledge. It will change your life. Also, The Teen-age Liberation Handbook: How To Quit School And Get A Real Life And Education by Grace Llewellyn is based on the author's study of Mr. Taylor-Gatto.


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I homeschool my 3 boys, 17,16,and 13. My 13 yr old has several learning disabilities and I am thinking about "unschooling" with him, I am just so used to the whole curriculum way of teaching, that I am not sure how or what to do with unschooling. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks

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My only issue with unschooling is that the boys are having so much fun learning that they tell people " oh we don't do anything"!!! I stopped telling people that we homeschool and now just tell them straight out that we unschool! I love the responses!

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yup! Another good one is the pedagogy of the oppressed... it's a challenging read but well worth it. Thanks for posting the names of those books and the info.

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We started homeschooling our two oldest children (Isaac is 6. Tommy is 5) last year. This year I have decided to unschool. It is going great so far.

I haven't read any of the books you mentioned. I haven't heard of the authors either. I may check them out!

We stared unschooling because I realized that the boys were learning so much more by just exploring their world than they did in structured lessons. Now we are learning from the everyday things that we really didn't think much about before. Instead of calling ma-maw to tell her about something we sit down and write a letter (they are still in the process of learning to read). We count their money. We count rocks and beads and anything else we can think of. We do science experiments and we cook together. We explore nature and all the critters we find out there. The kids are having so much fun while they are learning. And I have to admit that I am too! This is way better than sitting down with a workbook and pencil!

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