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Mom's that knit or crochet

I just took up knitting and crocheting and I find that both relax me when I make time to do so.


best way to learn how to knit?

Looking for a easy free way to learn how to knit. I am dense and will need visuals. I can single crochet and have taught myself how to make just about anything from that, but...


Crochet patterns

I understood that this side was also part of knit4kids and offered free crochet and knit patterns. I don't see a link to that part of the site. Can someone please help. Thank...


Favorite baby-related patterns?

I've been knitting mostly blankets, but I just started working on variants of a sleep sack pattern I saw on Knitty (Zodiac, Fall 07), and I'm loving it. What else can I try...


non-blanket baby patterns

I would like to make gifts for new moms but I got so many baby blankets with my first that I am almost dreading any gifts I get for my second. What type of crocheted gift would...


I love to Crochet

Hi my name is Roshanda and Im the mother of 3, 5yr , 4yr, and 1yr. Ive been crocheting baby blankets since i was 7 years old. Every child I have they each get a custom made...


New children's app for ages 4 to 10

Two brothers, who were public school teachers for many years, developed a new children's app for the iPad, iPhone, iPod. It is called Picnic in the Park. Fun game for ages 4...


Kitchner Stitch aka Grafting

I have done it a few times, But it still don't turn out correctly. EEEHH When I finished my first pair of socks which I have NOT wore yet, I did it on them and it looks...


light weight baby hat pattern

I am looking for a website that has a pattern or someone that has a pattern for a beginner level person. I am just learning how to read a patterns and I made my soon to be here...


HI! New to the group =D

just wanted to say hello to everyone! I am a mom to a 2 yr old boy, and expecting my second bouncing baby boy in September! I started to (try) and teach myself crochet when I...


Ravelry giving away free books!

I know there are a number of knitters and crocheters on here and want to be sure you all know about's giveaway going on right now (no, I'm not affiliated with them-...


yarn supply-am I crazy?

We recently had a slight flood in our basement, which is where my yarn closet is under the steps. A good bit of it is in plasic bins, but it has expanded and outgrown the bins...


sock knitter

Hi, I am a sock knitter. Do any of you like to knit socks? Also, I use the magic loop method to knit them. It is so fast to knit socks for little ones. I really enjoy it.