Mom's that need a boost=)

This site is for the mom's out there that feel like no matter what they do it's not good enough. Being a mom is the hardest job in the world and it take's a tole on us all but your not alone and we all have days or even week's where we question our sanity and our mothering skills. God BLess ..there is no judging on this page just love, help and someone to talk to about any and every thing . Nothing is too bad for you to post , this is a page that is created for you to let out problems and have other moms who feel the same to talk to=)


Some days are harder than others!

today is one of those days where i question so many things i have done as a mother. No matter what i do the best i can but sometimes that dont even seem like enough .



its another blessed day here in the mountains. are there any obsticals that you are going to have to face today ? If so let me know and we can talk and pray over them! God...


another day=)

well its another beautiful day here where i live. how about you gal's? I pray that all goes well for all of you today and if have any thing u need to talk about or prayed...