Moms Through Adoption

Moms who have adopted domestically or internationally. Moms who are in pre or in process (paper ready), and moms who are home with their beautiful little ones.


An Adoptive Mother...taken from

Being an adoptive mother is not for every woman. She must possess not only the natural mother instinct but an understanding and appreciation of the situation that brought a...


Recommendations for "The Wait"

Hello everyone! My husband and I are in the waiting part of our first adoption. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to make this time a little easier or any books you would...



If anyone has an adoption blog and they would like to share their URL, please do so here.-


14 Ways to Focus on Culture

Adopted Children and Their Roots By Carrie Craft, Culture Clothing Take time to get to know all about your adopted or foster child’s homeland and culture....


National Adoption Day

November 15, 2008, will mark the 9th year for National Adoption Day. Through the help of adoption professionals, child advocates, judges, and attorneys, thousands of children in...