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How have you delt with seperation

Sarah - posted on 08/20/2010 ( 3 moms have responded )




How have you delt with separation axiety either for your child and even for yourself (for stay at home moms) full day school is starting and am nervouse about how he will react being in school from 8:20-3 seems like a long day and I'm not sure that I prepared him well enough for it. Should I be worried that I did it wrong, this is my first round at this and I know that you learn by making mistakes but I just hope I did what I could to ensure he enjoys school and not hate it. Any suggestions are welcome. Thanks for reading!


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Felicita - posted on 12/17/2011




My youngest daughter didn't actually experience separation anxiety until she was 6 yrs old and in 1st grade. Luckily her teacher had been my own teacher when I was a child and we had an open dialogue by the time my daughter's anxiety started. Her teacher had a communication book that we used to inform each other how my daughter was doing and gave each other different ideas and let her cry it out while reminding her that at the end of the school day mom would be right there to be pick her up. In the morning I'd take her to class and most days her teacher would gently coax her into her work while I left out the door after giving my daughter a hug and reminding her that I love her and I'd be back. I even gave her a necklace of mine to help ease her anxiety as the day went on. It took awhile but with each other's support and guidance we were able to help my daughter through it. The key in our case was open communication and teamwork as parent and teacher. It may take awhile but the kids do eventually move on so long as they know it's ok to feel that way and that at the end of the day you're together again. Work with your child's teacher. It makes a world of a difference for a child with anxiety.

Amy - posted on 11/12/2010




aww. i hope it turned out ok for you and ur boy mama! it was tough for me too. my daughter went to 1st time all day school too this year. i just wlaked her to the busstop and walked away after the bus left. i was hott and very preggo. i was ok really...

Annaleigh - posted on 08/26/2010




chances are you will have more problems than he will. Thank goodness where we used to live there was public pre-school so I had 2 years of half days to get ready for having my oldest in school. She loves it, she used to hang ot with her friends and cousins all the time and we moved about 7months ago and her only friend lived the next town over. Just make sure you talk to the teacher, via notes or in person, and see if there is anything else they need from you. You can also ask how he's doing. Teachers like helpful parents, just don't be one of those pain-in-the-butt people. lol. Do you have any other children?

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