my 5 year has started pooping in her pants help dnt no wat 2 do

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a monh or so after my daughter started school last september she has been pooping in her pants at home at school out and about we have been to the doctors and they sed shes either stressed or constipated well as she is goin at least once a day she deo not costipated and i no my daughter she isnt stressed plus there is no situations 4 her 2 b stressed about i have ryed 2 write down wat she has eaten in the day and see if there anything that she poops after having but nothing gettin her 2 go 2 the loo as often as poss tryed using rewards 4 not pooing tryed ignoring the situation and jus cleaning her up i also have a 1 and a half year old son who we are trying 2 potty train now and its sssoooo much hard work 2 try and constantly watch and clean up the 2 of them espesially when we are out people kind of just except a lil toddler having an accident but wen its your 5 and a half year old they give u funny looks we have tryed so many things over about 6 or 7 months and am just stuck now as wat 2 do and where 2 go now so any help at all or suggestions wud be so much help thanks xx


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oh my god! my son went through this exact same thing! I thought it was never gonna end...but it did. It lasted almost a year though, maybe a little less. I totally understand your frustration...i wish i could tell you something I did to make him stop but there was nothing, it was just a phase and thank god he got through it. I'm pretty sure your daughter will out grow it also. Sorry I couldn't give you any solid advice on the topic. :-/

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Has the doc checked for a water infection ? My 5 year old daughter has these very often and sometimes when she is trying to hold it in she poos .

If not , going to school is a big thing for her loads of adjustments . She might feel that your little one is getting mummy all to himself . So she might be trying to copy his potty training behaviour . You could try to combat this by getting her involved by asking for her help in training him because she is a big girl and knows how it is done .

Have you spoken to her teacher at school to see how she is doing ? Does she interact well with class mates etc .

This is not as bad as it seems , a little bit of trial and error and a chat .

Good luck

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