my son is 5yrs 6 months,he cant write his name as yet ,is it a problem


Rachelle - posted on 06/13/2011




I would work with him...Write out his name and let him trace it until he gets familiar with the letters...I would also start him off with the rest of the alphabet as well.


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Stina - posted on 06/29/2010




He should be working on it.

We laminated a paper with our son's name so he can practice tracing it at meals. He also has papers with his name in large letters that he can color in or just trace- working at staying inside the letter. He worked at this all last year in preschool and is able to write Jon legibly. I think part of his reasoning for shortening his name from Jonathan to Jon was that it has fewer letters for him to write down lol.

Dawn - posted on 05/19/2010




If he isn't in Kindergarten yet. Don't worry. They learn this in school. But you can write in big letters his name and take things like yarn or pasta and have in cover the lines with it. Then work on him using the pencil/crayon to write his name. M&M's work really good with my son when he would get in a "mood". Now he is really good at it.

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has he been going to pre-school? if he has been én its a problem, im in Zim & mostly kids go to pre-school at 4-5 so at least he should have a hang of it...

my daughter is 6, shez in Grade 2 & can read & write passably well. look into it, if he's at pre-school have a talk wth his teacher mayb é pre-school is not teaching ém much...

u can also start teaching him at home, áts wat i used to do or get him a tutor. all é best :-)

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