Moms to homeschoolers and/or large families.

A place to vent about motherhood, being a mom to many, homeschooling and any or all of these mixed together!


Mommy guilt

Just curious if anyone out there besides me has mommy guilt. Frequent mommy guilt is one of my challenges. I wish to have the occasional alone time but then feel guilty...



Anyone out there have an intro of themselves to share? A topic? Need to vent? Advice to take/give? Open us here. I would love to get some good conversation going here. A...


more intro

Wow, Heidi, Thanks for the great info about you. Lets see........I was a city girl. Born and raised catholic. Went to catholic schools growing up. I was an only child,...


our group

hello ladies!\r\n\r\nOur group is really small and I was hoping to for some growth. Please feel free to invite people from your friends list to get more traffic and help our...