Moms to Teen Parents

If you are a Mom to a Teen Mom or maybe your teen is pregnant or maybe your Teen Parent is a Dad. Whatever or which ever you are. I know where your coming from. My Daughter at 14 years old got pregnant and 15 and before she started high school or learned to drive she was Mom. I was lost, I did not know what to do or where to start. My baby was going to be a Teenage Mom and I knew she was not ready for that situation. I had feelings of anger, denial, sadness, I felt like my baby was fading away quickly. I was lost. I franticly searched for a Group that would help me get through this. I needed support and could not find it. If it were not for God helping me through it. I know I would not have survived it. Come here and get that support from someone who knows what you are going through because they have actually walked a mile in your shoes. No matter what your Teen will always be a Parent whether they give their baby up for adoption, abortion or whether they decide to keep the baby. The fact is they will always be a Parent and it is going to change them profoundly for the rest of their lives.


Stories (What happend in your situation)

My name is Sherry and my Teen got pregnant at the age of 14, The age of 15 she was a Mom. When I first found out I was devastated, heart broken and angry. Even though it was...