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Amber - posted on 01/29/2010 ( 17 moms have responded )




I go to college full time and have a 3 year old and a 1 year old. I need a simple SAH job where there's not scams or huge start up fees (yup, one place i found wanted like $600). I'm hoping someone can help me. I dont have time for parties or door to door sales. Anything with the telephone, hoping no cold-calling, or tasks i can do from my house would be wonderful. No scams. I check the BBB for everything. :)


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Jennifer - posted on 05/25/2015




Interested in becoming a La Bella Baskets & Gifts gift consultant with a small investment of $24.95 a month?
Text me Jen at 804-466-1207 with your full name and email address for more info or email at
Must be in the U.S.A., not Alaska, Hawaii, North Dakota or Montana
No inventory
No parties
No quotas
Training provided!
Contact me today :) http://www.kindredgifts.labellabaskets.c...

Nancy - posted on 08/22/2014




I did AmeriPlan VERY briefly. I am a firm believer in researching a company or opportunity. I did my research, and everything that I saw seemed like all you did was purchase a plan, place TONS and TONS of ads on Craig's List making it sound like a viable job, not a business, and wait for people to contact you. My recruiter assured me that was not the case, so I joined. Unfortunately, that is EXACTLY what you had to do. I was amazed at the amount of responses that I received from my ads (I literally was only with AmeriPlan for one afternoon!), however I did not feel right posting work at home ads for office, clerical, medical, etc. and explaining to these lovely people that it was not a "job", but in fact a business. I don't agree with AmeriPlan's tactics.

I have, however, joined a legitimate business called Pink Zebra. I've had AMAZING success with them. It was only $74 for the small business kit, and I've been selling my little butt off. In 2 days I had over $100 in sales, and that was just from posting on Facebook. My first party is this weekend, and I expect to do very well. Even my husband is shocked. I don't think either of us expected this business to go so well. Their commission starts at 25%, and their hostess gifts are amazing and easy to obtain. For more info visit or send me a message.

Heather - posted on 07/03/2012




Hi Everyone! My name is Heather and I am a Team Beachbody Independant Coach! These are top name products such as Insanity, P90X, TurboFire Shakeology many top names and you DONT have to have nutrition experience or training it is all given to you VIA the web! It is a web based buisness on our part we have no overhead everything is shipped ext straight from Beachbody we just get the interested parties to sign up for workout packages and even build are own teams...this is NOT a pyramid thing trust me I was leary but we all benefit from each other...think of it this way...if a work place makes there quota for the month everyone gets a bonus right? Well thats how this is AND we get 25% commission on everything that we sell...Today I have played with my kids and already made $140. it will take time and dedication to build up your buisness but its so worth it there are people nurses ext that were able to quit there full time jobs to do just this because they were making more! Thats my goal!!!

were on the BBB as an A+ rating and please feel free to check out site is and you can check out a 5 minute video on becomeing a team beach bosy coach by checking out

ANY questions and or interests PLEASE call 508-728-4692 or email me at

Im in to succeed and to make sure you succeed as well...all money goes through Beachbody so its not a scam and its legit like i said check out the testimonials and the BBB!!!

Jesse Jennifer Love - posted on 04/24/2012




Well i have no idea, but if you ever want to do a party type job, email me for details :)

Acecia - posted on 04/17/2010




I was going to post my company which is Ameriplan but I see one of my teammates already did who is Jessica Callahan. So I am just going to validate that Ameriplan is an AMAZING company and has ALL of the things you are looking for.. flexible hours, no parties, no cold calling, no door sales and we have an A rating with the BBB so talk to Jessica! She is a GREAT leader and will help you every step of the way!

Sara - posted on 02/10/2010




Amber, check our website . If you like what you see, get in touch with us via the contact link. The first 7 months we worked this business (5-7 hours per week) we earned an additional $14000. Start up under $50 and other options for your review. Great company, generous payout! -- Sara

Stacy - posted on 02/03/2010




I have the perfect job for you, just shoot me an email and I will tell you all about it. hope to hear from you soon.

Jennifer - posted on 02/02/2010




Hi Amber,
My name is Jennifer Butler I am a stay at home mom of a wonderful 3 yr old little girl. We do not sell anything, no investment, no inventory, no parties and no risk. We are not a MLM or a get rich quick quick type of company. We are backed by the BBB and the EPA. I would love to set up a time with you to share more information about our company so please visit I am really looking forward to talking with you soon.
Have a wonderful day,
Jennifer Bulter

Lisa - posted on 02/01/2010





Visit my site ( I think it will be a perfect fit for you.

$29 start-up and no partyplanning, No selling, No inventory, No deliveries, I think your situation if PERFECT for this opportunity. I'm also a full time social worker and LOVE helping moms get started and help them succeed.

Get in touch with me if you are interested.


Erika - posted on 01/30/2010




HI Amber,
I work from home, and I can help you work from home too! I am a stay at home Mom to two children. I work with a great team of Moms; we help people create income from home. No parties, No inventory! WEEKLY PAY! FREE website, training, and UNLIMITED support!! Just A SAFE, SIMPLE, SENSIBLE, and SOLID ... NO-RISK HOME BUSINESS. The best part is I can make money and be with my Family!!! Joining Internet CEO Moms is one of the best decisions I have made for my family and myself. You can have the best of both worlds too!!
I would love to give you more information and help you reach your financial goals!
Proud Member of Internet CEO Moms!
Check out my website

Jessica - posted on 01/29/2010




Hey Mama! Are you looking for an at home Job or a home based business? I have a home based business with AmeriPlan and I work it around my 4y/o & 7m/o twins. We offer daily pay, health benefits for your entire household, 401k options and so much more. There is no selling, no product, no cold calling and no collecting payments. We offer 1 on 1 training, training websites, team meetings, conference calls and unlimited support. If you would like more information please PM me or visit my page to Request An Interview.

Jessica Callahan

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