1 Year Old and Biting

Heather - posted on 04/04/2014 ( 1 mom has responded )




I have a 1 year old that just started biting out of no where. He will just stop a kid as they are walking by and bite them for no reason. I have tryed making him bite soap he acted like he liked it, I have tryed biting him back doesn't phase him, he has been hit for bit by the child that he bit, he doesnt try and bit my husband and I at all. He bite his older brother one time and his brother bit him back and he hasn't tryed to bit him since. He is doing this at daycare never does it at home. I also thought well maybe he is teething and tryed keeping orjel and teething tablets so his gums dont hurt, but he still bite. Need advise he is fixing to get kicked out of daycare.


Christina - posted on 04/04/2014




Hi Heather
All children bite, it's part of learning about acceptable social behaviour which, I'm sure you knew anyway.

My son did the same and it took for him to get bitten by another child for him to stop. When he bit his cousin or myself and my husband, telling him off or biting him back didn't have much of an effect, same as your son but after getting bitten by someone else he stopped.

If he starts doing it at home, the best thing I found, was to move him away from you or the group so that he is not joining in, immediately after he has bitten, he will soon realise why he is being moved away and should change the behaviour..

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