1 years old and pulling off his diaper..

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My son is 1 year 1 month and 3 days old and these past 3 days He has started taking off his diaper right after he pees.... He has a Potty and is familiar with it... Is he too young to potty train? So far he hasnt peed or pooped on anything.. Hope I dont jinx myself by saying that lOl!


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hes too young to potty train, online or in books you can find the list of things to be lookig out ofr when they are more ready to potty train. Usually when parents say their child is potty trained at the age, its not the child its the parent. The parents read the cues well and know when to take them to the toilet, and the child prob goes but the child pphysically isnt ready yet, they have to learnt to control their bowels and urine. To have full control of bowels, it usually doesnt happen until 2 1/5, but some people go ahead and start at 2 to get them aquanted

Mine is 25 mo now but he started early on pulling his diaper off. One of those things they learn once to do it and they continue after that. It drove me crazy but actually on another thread on here I found a solution, in the mean time, until they are being trained, or just stop doing it. It sounds crazy but on the front of his diaper, not even remotely close to the skin, but duck tape the tabs together so he cant pull them apart. I only did this whe he was napping or going to bed at night, during the day I just kept a good eye out to make sure he wouldnt do it. It doesnt take long for them to realize that they cant get it off, and theyll give up and go on to somehting else.

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