12 month son had milk for first time and now he won't nurse WHAT DO I DO!?

Chandra - posted on 05/01/2014 ( 1 mom has responded )




my son is 4 days away from his birthday he is 12 months old and the doctor had told us to get him on whole milk when he turns 12 months so , we did and he took to it really well ( I WAS SO HAPPY HE LIKED IT !) but then as we moved later into the day around his nap time I carried on with our regular schedule ," Nursing and singing " it's been our routine since the day he was born . For some reason he didn't want to nurse !? I took him to the bedroom for our routine as soon as he latched on he stopped and tried sitting up pushing away from me trying to sit up and leave! "this made me feel horrible!" so I kept trying him fussing grunting and turning red didn't make me feel any better I just didn't understand . I then tried nursing lying down thinking it was just how i was holding him .....IT WORKED! And then bed time comes and again i go through our routine ,"rice cereal ,diaper change , lotion etc.." I take him to the room singing the night night song ....He refuses to latch getting hysterical kicking me ! I try lying down with him again and he crawls away from me ! what do i do ? how can i get him to bed ? has he decided he doesn't want to be breastfed anymore ? He wont even let me rock him ! I'm at a loss and for some reason I feel sad and concerned I feel like I want to cry ! PLEASE SOMEBODY HELP ME !!!!!


Sarah - posted on 05/02/2014




He might be done with nursing. With his age it is ok to just do whole milk. What you could do is offer him a choice between whole milk in a cup or nursing. I know cutting out nursing cold turkey might be painful for you, so another option might be pumping when you need to and offering breastmilk in the cup and see if he would take it that way. Or mixing in the breastmilk with the whole milk. I know it is heartbreaking of the possibility that he might be done with nursing before you might be ready, but on the flip side you don't have the other struggle of you ready to be done and him not ready. One thing that helped me with the weaning process is realizing that just because mine stopped nursing does not mean the bonding time stops. Your routines before nap and bedtime can still be special bonding times. One thing I started adding into our routine when I stopped nursing was reading some books before bedtime.

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