15 month old baby waking at 4am

Melissa - posted on 09/04/2009 ( 5 moms have responded )




Hi mums, my 15 months old son has started waking at 4am for the past week, he is ready to play, I try putting him to bed later but it doesnt make a difference...any ideas??


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Leslie - posted on 09/04/2009




Sometimes putting to bed later backfires at that age. Mine is 21 months now, but when he was that age we had to play with a few things because he would wake up early too. You could try putting him to bed earlier. The scientific theory behind it is that babies and young toddlers are still sorting out their sleep cycles; putting to bed earlier might actually encourage more deep cycles which may, in turn, encourage longer sleep times. Worked for my son. The snack before bed also helps head off any hunger concerns in the morning, yogurt with some whole grain cereal works well. But what Lindsey says could also be very true. If your child is not a very fussy teether it may well be that he needs some pain med before going to bed. But back to my original advice...if you're cool with adjusting sleep times, try putting him down earlier. Can't go much worse than it already is.

Lindsay - posted on 09/04/2009




Is he getting his molars in right now? My daughter did the same thing while her molars were coming in...the pain would wake her up and then since she was awake she would want to play.

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my eldest son (6 yrs old) started doing that but sadly he still does it. He even wakes up before the birds start singing.

When my other two would do that I would just make sure their room was dark and that there wasnt anything that would wake them up.

My older kids I would let them have a book or something (given the night before) and would explain that if they cant sleep they have to stay on their beds.

Find out why he is waking up then (lights, noises, just being an early bird) and work around that. Just leave him in his bed until "morning" arrives. If you hear him playing you could quietly tell him that it is not morning yet and mommy still needs some sleep so you will need to stay in bed till morning. You could even set an alarm for him so that he has something that will tell him when mommy is going to be getting up that way its more a physical reminder for him (you can even get a clock you can program with your voice that you can record you saying "mommy's time to get up now")

Kaylea - posted on 09/04/2009




my son started dont that it turned out he was hungary and he thought that sense he was wake that he should play to. I started feeding him a snack before he when to bed.

Sarra - posted on 09/04/2009




Leave the baby monitor on and let him play in his crib, he may or may not fall back asleep, but if you start goin and gettin him at 4 am he well make it a habbit and im sure you dont want that

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