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I once had to have this Mom fill out a form to get her daughter's ears pierced. The problem was she was under 16 and couldn't legally consent to having her daughters ears pierced(she had to be 16 to consent to her own). I didn't know what to tell her and felt terrible for telling her she was to young to consent. Her mother also couldn't consent for her since she wasn't the legal gaurdian. The mom was so embarassed and walked out of the store with her daughter. I wasn't willing to lose my job over it but was really hoping there was a better solution. Any ideas?

I understand the law is the law but is the consent limit right?

I'm not working for this company any more as I'm on Maternity leave and have no desire to go back.


Kaiden - posted on 09/09/2009




I could be wrong, but I was told that in the state of Texas (now this may only be Texas) that once a female has a child, regardless of her age, she is considered an adult by all legal means. So even if she is 15 years old she no longer needs her parents for guardianship, she can represent herself for housing, martial rights, etc. So I wonder what makes her unable to consent for her daughter to have piercings? She takes her daughter to the doctor, and makes medical decisions on her behalf I'm sure. That's an interesting situation. I can imagine how awkward you felt and I support your decision to follow the rules (especially sinced you were trained with those rules, it's not like you made them up yourself).

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