1st week of preschool

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My four yr old has always stayed at home with me and she is not transitioning well into school she cries on the way there at lunch and snack and she tells her teachers she'll see them tom when I pick her up but she also tells me she's not going back as soon as we get in the car. At bedtime she is crying asking about the next day. Any suggestions on what to do to help her and me


Jessica - posted on 09/04/2009




Maybe setting up playdates with other kids in her class may help. Let her know how good she is doing and how proud of her you are for going to school. Talk to her teacher and see exactly how upset she gets, it could just be a way for her to try to get you to let her stay home, my oldest did that when she first started daycare at 18 months. It took annie about 4 weeks to get used to the idea of going 5 days a week. Hopefully she will be fine in a few weeks, its probably just a big shock right now. If you are able to go in a read stories then maybe you could ask her to be sweet and try not to get upset and when she does that for 3 consecutive days you can go in and eat lunch and read a story to her class. It has always helped us to make deals with our girls. If they do what we ask then we will do what they ask, but we are strict with the guidelines of our deals and dont give in. I hope this helps.

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