2 kids 1 young mom?

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Im Keira and I jus recently turned 23 and my Xavier is about to be 7 months . My fiancée' who is 29 wants another now ,he feels they should be close in age, and I'm jus not ready for that yet I want a large family , just not now. I feel it may be wayyy too much. Does the stress of being a stay at home young mom get to overwhelming somtimes for the ladies with 2 or more children ???


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We have four kids very close in age. When our oldest started school people thought that I ran a home daycare because they figured all those kids couldn't possibly be mine.

I found the time at home a lot longer with just one. I also find that a single child can be more work than a sibling group because siblings can help each other and entertain each other. The baby always loved to watch the toddlers and preschoolers play, and our kids have always played together really well.

I really like having the kids super close in age. Once you get past the baby stage you can start doing a lot of stuff in parallel, and that helps. Our boys are 16 months apart and our girls are 17 months apart. They share clothes, like the same activities, go to bed at the same time and are happy to hear the same story, they have the same friends, like to watch the same movies, etc. There's a lot of killing two birds with one stone.

That said, it is physically and logistically demanding to have very closely spaced children when they are really, really little. We've coped well, but I would say that my husband and I are both very easy going people, we tolerate chaos well, we're good at problem solving and strategizing, and we handle interrupted sleep well. Getting pregnant when you have an infant is definitely not for everybody.

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