2 Kids Under 2... Is it hard?

Micahkilgore - posted on 09/30/2009 ( 5 moms have responded )




My name is Micah and I am a stay at home mom with a 13 month old daughter who is sweet, funny and without question the happiest baby that I or any of my friends or family have ever seen. She is very easy to take care of and every day with her is a joy.

That being said, my husband and I just found out that we are pregnant with baby # 2. It was a planned pregnancy, although it happened much quicker than we expected. If my calculations are correct we got it on the first try. :-)

We have always planned on having two children, and we always wanted to have them close together so that they would grow up together. I'm very excited to be having another baby, but now I find myself feeling some fear and anxiety as well. I have heard that having 2 kids under two can be very rough, and I tell myself that I am ready for that, but I wonder if I really am. My daughter is very, VERY easy to take care of. She eats well, sleeps through the night and is happy to play by herself for quite a while. When she wakes in the morning she doesn't scream or cry - she just plays in her crib and will wait patiently for me to get her up. Sometimes for an hour or more! I worry now that, because my daughter is so easy to take care of, I'm not going to be prepared for just how difficult it will be to add in a new baby. So I'm wondering if any moms out there who have/had 2 kids under two can give me advice and/or reassurances. I've never been one to shirk from a new challenge, but I'm still feeling a little nervous about this one...




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Sara - posted on 10/01/2009




My son and daughter are 15 months apart. Now they are two and three and it is GREAT and I love them being so close!!! The first year of my son's life however is kinda a blur to me though. All I really remember is being soooo tired all the time. There was this one time at the doctor's office though when my son was nine months and my daughter was two years, I met this lady whose kids were really close too and she told me that the first year is the only hard one and after that it is sooo great! I used to think about her saying that everytime I was really tired. She was completely right, the first year is really hard, but after that you are done with your babies and it just gets easier and easier! We just went to a baseball game as a family last night and had the BEST time! Good luck!

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My boys are 17 mths apart...it was hard at first, especially because I was healing from a c-section. I just made sure I didnt spread myself too thin, I made lists of what day to clean what and got myself and the boys into a routine which was so helpful. I was able to stay on top of the house work, give them what they needed and still managed to get a lil sleep. :) It did get better when the baby was 3 mths and sleeping a little longer at night. Good luck, my boys are 2 1/2 and almost 4 and they are best friends!!

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wow your daughter sounds like mine everybody says they have never met such a happy sweet baby anyway i wont lie its hard. but they are your kids and you will somehow grow a few more arms and eyes soon into it you will learn new tricks and everything will fall into play try to get them in a routine of taking atleast one nap at the same time so you can have some down time Dont forget about yourself if you dont take care of yourself you cant take care of your kids and you need you time. i have only one duaghter 9 months but i raised my nephew from the begining of my pregnancy until 2 months ago so both kids under two so always 2 diapers to change two lunches ect... also i was the sickest person durning my pregnancy but you will do it and you wont even realize it just remember laugh make these times memorable and enjoyable but also keep in mind its ok to need and ask for help

Jennifer - posted on 09/30/2009




My children are 18 months apart, and it is stressful at first, it is so worth it. They are now 2.5 and 4, and the best of friends. I would recommend having siblings close together to anyone!

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My second and thrid child are only 20mths apart and yes it was very hard at first but now they are very close and help eachother with everything.

My children are very sweet and do love eachother but can be mean to other kids that try and play with their toys. I have them in 2 different classes, so they can grow as individuals, yes sounds like twins and thats what it looks like too.

My fav tip is just DO NOT go grocery shopping with them lol.

Best of luck

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