2 yr old...ahhhhhh

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I have a 2 year old boy and he is pushing me beyond my limits. He kicks , hits, throws, yells , slaps, talks back... keep in mind he is only 28 months. I dont know what to do with him, I have tried EVERYTHING I can think of from yelling to time out to more attention...the list can go on and on. HELP


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Learning how to be independent can be frazzling for all, with limited language skills and wanting to do everything on their own they can turn into some tough nuts! lol

Set up some things that he can be more independent with, and for the things he doesn't like to do find a way to make it a game. Pick and choose what you think is acceptable behaviour that you will stick with enforcing (as long as hes not using foul language while talking back I would just ignore it) my kids talk back all the time when they dont want to do something but they will still get the job done, so I could care less if they grumble all the way. But spit out a bad word or two and you get a sharp time out then back to work.

I started them off with seeing how fast we could tidy up, I would help out though. As we got down to less toys on the floor I would start counting, now when they hear me count they count along and giggle! lol

When he does something you like, dont just generally thank him but state exactly what he is being thanked for.

When we go out if my kids have a tantrum I just let em go for it right there, I do not stop and leave. i make sure they know that no matter what they do I will not change my plans. if they have a tantrum over a toy they want (if I have the money for it) I will say "oh well maybe you can behave next time we come since we dont give grumpy kids new things"

I also give their moods a name, mister and miss grumpy still come by our house but often times i remind my kids that while mister or miss grumpy is here they cannot get what they want. I continue to ask if mister/miss grumpy has left yet so we can get back to having fun. if they bring grumpy home from school mister/miss grumpy is to be left at the door (not them the attitude)

it seems to help them get rid of the problem by letting go of it as if it was something physical.

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My son is two, and he is a terror! His big thing right now is biting, he even bites himself if he gets mad about something or is in trouble. I just keep stressing that biting is mean and bad. I've tried the attention thing, too. If I notice that he's in one of those moods,I'll do an activity that I know he loves and it usually calms him down, until something else makes him mad. It's hard, but you just gotta stay on them.

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I have been through it with my 5 and 3 year old. I finally found something that did work. Check out the website www.disciplinemommy.com. These really do work, i could not have been happier

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It must be a 2 year old thing. Just this past week my daughter has started slapping, throwing tantys when asked to put things away and answering back with 'I don't want to' It was a shock! I thought where has my lovely girl gone? She has only slapped me twice. Both times I caught both her hands and said 'Thats very naughty we do not slap anybody' Then put her in her room. She had a cry then came out. I'm dealing with the putting things away by handing her the item and telling her where its to go. If she throws a tantrum , I wait til she is finished tell her 'its put the toy away or go to your bedroom' I have had to send her to her room three times once. 'I don't want to' I just explain why, give her a couple minutes to think about it then ask again. She has started screaming but I just ignore til shes worn herself out and then ask again. I'm hoping that if I keep doing this she will learn that its too much hassle and she will go back to being her adorable 'I love you mummy' self. Will keep you posted. Good luck.

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