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Amy - posted on 05/19/2010 ( 10 moms have responded )




i have a 5 and a half month okd baby, i absolutley love but am finding it hard work too, possibly due to doing everything on my own more or less. but everywhere i look i see pregnant woman, and went to the hostpital the other day and walked round to the maternity bit so i could get a cab, and i seen all these newborns and woman ready to go into labour. i feel im crvaing for another baby, i dont know if its the thought of being pregnant again, or an easy option of not going back to work, but i want another baby. BUT heres our problem, we are most prob defo not finacialy stable for a second child and my partner doesnt want another one until Gracie-mai turns 4 yrs old. people sya you always get by, and if i was to accidently get pregnant then yes we would have no choice. I dont want to be struggling, but i also dont want to wait another 3-4 yrs. HELP how do i over come these pregnancy cravings. am i gone in the head??? lol


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Jayde - posted on 08/14/2010




I feel the exact same as you! My daughter is 15months old at the moment n I'm craving another bub so bad its all I can think about I feel the same with seeing other pregnant mumas & newborns. I'm in the navy & next February I have to go to sea & I don't want to. We are paying off debt & need my income because if we had another bub I couldn't go back to work (childcare too expensive). I guess what I'm trying to say is that if we have another bub I don't have to work any more but we will struggle & probably never be able to get anywhere or I can wait until my contract time is up when we're debt free & be better off. I just want summer to have a sibling & be a stay at home muma but mostly I want to be pregnant again so so bad.... I know how you feel :) I think it's the hormones

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I think that is a normal feeling. I feel that way too and I am in NO way ready for another baby. My son is only five months old, I'm single and going to be going back to school soon but I still think how great it would be to have another one. However, the bad definitely outweighs the good at this point in my life and maybe that's what you have to think about too. You know going into it that you aren't financially ready for another child and that you don't want to struggle - big red flag there. The fact is if you aren't financially ready, there is a big chance it will make it much harder. You could probably get by like you said, but if you don't want to struggle you might need to rethink it. If your partner doesn't want another baby, a pregnancy whether planned or not could end up putting strains on the relationship if he feels really strongly about it. Maybe you could discuss with him that you don't want to wait 3-4 years but suggest that in a year or two, if you're more financially stable you could discuss having another one at that point. I think deep down, you know you're not ready and you should keep reinforcing that idea to yourself. When you see other people who are pregnant or new babies, just remind yourself of your daughter and how lucky you are to have her. Enjoy your alone time with her and when the time is right to have another one, then the time is right. You are definitely not crazy though, having a baby is an amazing, special experience especially for women so wanting to have that experience again is totally normal. Weigh all your options, don't rush into anything and when the time is right you will have another baby. Good luck!

Dorothy - posted on 08/13/2010




I have that same craving for another one right now and My daughter is 10 months old. I have ALWAYS wanted a big family but my husband now has 5 kids so he just got fixed, so my cravings will keep on cause there's nothing left for me to get pregnant with :(. My daughter wasn't exactly planned either and it's been rough caring financially for 5 kids as 4 of them live with us now. but like it is said some how we make it just fine. Hell look at the family on TLC with 19 kids now. I can't even Imagine. Best of luck to you though.

LaToya - posted on 08/13/2010




I have a 15mo and I am 9m pregnant with a second. My husband is a soldier and I am currently unemployed and searching. Even before the birth of the second, its a bit of a struggle but we are managing just fine. Both of my pregnancies were accidents but I love my children and I will sacrifice things for myself over and over again to make sure they have everything they need. I'm not doing anything crazy like stripping or being a prostitute (no offense to anybody who does that because that's how you support your children) but we are making sure our kids are taken care of. That being said, if I were you, I would wait until little Gracie-mai is potty trained and a lot more independent. My daughter was 9mo when I got pregnant and my husband left for Afghanistan when I was 10 weeks so I've gone through the pregnancy alone and having a not-so-independent child and being pregnant is hard, especially if you are high risk like me. When it is time for you to have another baby, you will be given one and I promise you, you will enjoy being a mommy again. Good luck!

Rebecca - posted on 05/19/2010




maybe compromise and accidently get pregnant in 2 years ;) - Graci-mai will be nearly 31/2 then. I got the cravings really bad when my little one was 6 months old - they are just fantastic at that age - and you don't have to chase after them. Now she's 14 months I'm prepared to wait a little longer...

Megan - posted on 05/19/2010




when my baby started crawling was when i started gettin those cravings and i keep seeing babies everywhere and my friends are having babies and i do believe that its the attention we get when we are pregnant and the feeling we get when your baby is movin around in there and just the reaction of other peoples faces when they feel your belly. but i agree i wouldnt wait until your baby is four because that is too long. but im in the same boat i want to finish school and have a better financial household for my sond and whenever i have a new baby. so really you have to think about that situation

Amy - posted on 05/19/2010




awww. thank you. yeah thats a good idea. she is 5 and a half months. i suppose i just got a bit away with my self lol. gracie had a bit of a mardy day today, lol think i just need a few more days of them and my craving will soon be gone lol xxxx

Christina - posted on 05/19/2010




You aren't going crazy. I myself have had the urge to have another one. My hubby and I aren't sure when cuz, like you, we aren't financially stable. We are both unemployed and, sadly, we live with his parents, so believe me I know your pain there.

One way I have gotten over my 'baby craving', as you call it, is to watch my daughter and think about how much of her small accomplishments I would miss if I were pregnant, or even after the next child got here. She relies on me for a play friend, for games, for mealtimes, to help her with things, to comfort her when something's wrong, to rock her or sit with her when it's nap time or bed time..... I mean I would miss out on a lot of that if I were pregnant or had another baby. I would have a harder time lifting her, swinging her, getting down and playing with her. Then I think, if I had a second kid I'd be happy about it, but there's so much I would miss with Ali. When you think about all that, would it really be worth it to have one now? I personally think it'd be best to wait til she's in school, preschool even, before we have another kid.

Like I said, tho, that's just what I do when I start wanting another baby. It's probably that you miss the bonding thing, too. You didn't say how old your baby is, but regardless of age, you shouldn't be wanting another baby because your first little one is growing up and you miss holding them and cuddling them all the time. My inlaws are like that with my daughter and they've started hinting about a second grandchild. So think about WHY you want another baby. Make sure it's for the right reasons, and write them down, and talk with your partner.

Good luck.

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