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my 2 year old son can be the sweetest thing in the world but he can also be the meanest little thing in the world how can i control his anger


Kyla - posted on 07/13/2009




wow, that sounds familiar. My son was the same way, he is getting better (he's almost 4). So there is hope! My son would hit/kick me etc, when he got angry. At first I let it go thinking that it was no big deal, but I realized this can't go on. Anyway, I had to get really firm, putting him in time-out right away when he did it, not giving him extra chances. A few times I even had to lock myself in my room for a few minutes, telling him I didn't want to be around him if he wasn't going to be nice. Sometimes I had to physically hold him in time-out (watching the clock, one minute per year of age). After a couple weeks he got the point. I also made sure that when he was behaving well I spent one-on-one time with him to reinforce his good behavior.

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