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I am three month pregnant this time. When i was at 3rd week of pregnancy i had eaten 10 tablets of Arthotec (500 mg in total) to remove this pregnancy because i did not want to have this baby. There was no external bleeding at all but when i went for ultrasound there was some bleeding from amniotic sac.I have already two children, a boy and a girl. There was some clashes in my relation with my husband those days thatswhy i was upset and had eaten 10 Arthotec. I was very afraid of D & C. Now i changed my mind and agreed to continue this pregnancy but still i am worried for the health of baby. Should i continue this pregnancy? The baby's heartbeat is normal for all the ultrasounds.



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According to this article (http://arthritis.emedtv.com/arthrotec/ar...) this med can cause serious birth defects in the first trimester:

"Furthermore, misoprostol (one of the meds in Arthrotec) has been associated with birth defects when given to pregnant women in the first trimester. Some of these defects include fetal abnormalities of the skull, face, and extremities (arms and legs). It is not entirely clear if misoprostol was responsible for these problems, and in animal studies, the drug did not appear to cause birth defects. However, it is important to note that animals do not always respond to a medication in the same way as people."

That being said, in the 3rd week of pregnancy (one week after conception) is very early and maybe it didn't effect the fetus. Some pregnancies haven't even implanted by the 3rd week. If you mean 3 weeks after conception (week 7 of pregnancy) I would be a bit more nervous because that is a critical time in development and the fetus would have definately implanted already. Either way there is probably a good chance that your baby will be healthy. I would tell your doctor so that she could book you for an ultrasound and they can check for abnormalities. It sounds like if this medication were to have affected your baby so early in the pregnancy, it would cause pretty major birth defects that should be visable at this time. If you have already had completely normal ultrasounds I would really try not to worry.

I am completely pro-choice, however 3 months would be very late to decide to get a d&c as your little one is about 3 inches (crown to rump) and can suck it's thumb grab things already. I am 3 months pregnant as well and had a d&c about 10 years ago at 5 weeks pregnant.

I hope all turns out well for you and that you have a healthy and happy rest of your pregnancy.

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