3yr old and 10 month old how do you balance them with a job?

Jennifer - posted on 10/08/2009 ( 2 moms have responded )




I am struggling to balance my life and recently I have been suffering from anxiety attacks because I have been stressed. If I don't get everything in check it will continue to take a toll on my health. I have gone to counsellors but they don't seen to be helping much. I don't have a full time job it is just a part time, but I definiatly have a full time job at home. I try to take them to the sitters so I don't get overwhelmed and I think that it is helping. Does anyone have any other suggestions?


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Anna - posted on 10/08/2009




First, acknowledge that you have a right to feel stressed and overwhelmed by the task of balancing work, managing a household, and raising two children. It's hard work!!! However, if you're experiencing panic attacks, you can't possibly put your best foot forward when confronting these obligations. Here are some suggestions to ways you can reduce some stress:

1) If possible, when you drop the kids with a sitter do something just for you that made you feel good before you had children rather than picking up essentials at Target or the grocery store. Get your hair done, treat yourself to a glass of wine at a nice cafe, or buy a new bra and panties.

2) Try to view your job as your chance to interact with other adults and talk about grown-up stuff. Don't talk about the latest organic baby foods or the best way to get urp stains out of your couch.

3) EXERCISE!!!!! Practice yoga, go for a jog or a swim, or ride a bike. Even stretching in the morning does wonders for your energy. Get your kids involved: go for a family walk after dinner and make sure when you take them to the playground, you play too! Many YM/YWCA locations offer childcare and most have classes for children that are included in your membership dues. If cost is an issue, scholarships are available.

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