4 year old whining/bawling when corrected.

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How do I prevent/correct her from doing this. My girls have such high pitch squeals, it hurts my ears. When she does something wrong, I tell her no, and procede to explain why I don't like it, or if its harmful to someone/thing. Right after I say no, she starts to bawl/whine. What do I do??


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ignore it, your the parent and shes only whining in protest because she thinks if she does it enough you'll give in. in a way its good because it shows she questioning authority and so on, but it is very annoying. be consistant and don't give in. my partner always moans that our kids listen to me and don't listen to him, but they know that they won't get there own way with me but daddys a push over and will do anything to shut them up because their crying is like nails down a chalkboard to him. your the parent not her an mummys word is final! if my son kicks off about it i put him on the naughty step until hes calmed down and that normally takes about a minute!

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