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I'm 24 years old my son is 4, I'm a single mom and lately I've been struggling getting him to understand how hurtful lying is and he has developed an wakeful attitude towards everyone, he used to be so polite and always used his manners a and didn't disrespect anyone. I'm asking for advise on how I should handle this with his disrespect an none manners, hatefulness, and lying? Please help
Me with this I'm open to anything.


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Children are amazingly empathic, especially when they can very obviously see that you are in distress.
When my son lied to me, I would force the tears, and when he asked why I was crying I would say " Because you (lied/said something nasty/ whatever) to me and it hurt me alot."
Do whatever you have to to get the tears rolling, and do it every time he does it.

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