5 Negative tests. Pregnant or Just Symptoms from Coming off the Pill?

Katie - posted on 10/11/2013 ( 4 moms have responded )




1) My first day of my last period was August 9, 2013 and lasted until August 13, 2013.

2) My boyfriend and I messed around August 13-20, but no penetration occurred, meaning we did not have sex. He did rub his penis against the outside of my vagina but there was no visible ***.

3) I started birth control at the same time (August 13, 2013).

4) I bled from September 1 to September 3, bright red to dark blood. On September 4-6, I was spotting, meaning only when I wiped did I see dark brown blood.

5) On September 7, I had this light pink blood when wiping. Occurred only once.

6) Being pregnant, I took two urine pregnancy tests on September 9 and 10. Both negative.

7) Being paranoid about being pregnant, I stopped taking my birth control on September 12.

8) After stopping my birth control, I had bright red bleeding with clots, just like how a regular period looks. This lasted from September 13 to September 15.

9) Took two urine pregnancy tests, on September 27 and September 28. Both negative.

10) Took a urine pregnancy test on September 30 in the emergency department at the hospital, which read negative.

11) Since my last day of bleeding, which was from September 13-15 after a day of stopping my birth control, I have not bled since. I am having pregnancy symptoms such as fatigue, bloating, cramping but no period, nausea, constipation, feeling like pooping but cannot, and breast soreness. However, I do not know if these are effects of coming off the birth control pill.

I have been anxious about this whole ordeal and combined with the stress from school and this 'pregnancy scare', I really have been stressed and paranoid to the max. I wonder if there are still any possibilities that I might still be pregnant? Help please!


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User - posted on 10/12/2013




those symptoms can all be from the birth control pill, and stressing doesnt help it either, it can make you late. I cant take the stuff because it does effect be in a bad way, your body needs to adjust from not taking it too. I say if your having neg test, dont stress about it. Give it a couple weeks and then if you dont have your period, take another test

Katie - posted on 10/12/2013




Thank you so much! a couple of hours after I posted this, I finally got my period. I guess it's the BC after all. :)

Vaninarosas - posted on 10/11/2013




If you had bright red blood Sep 1-3, then you had your period, even if it was light, which means that you would not have turned a HPT positive on the 9th or 10th.

Coming off birth control can throw your hormones off and change your cycles, making them shorter, longer, or irregular. It's also very common to have breakthrough bleeding after getting off birth control due to the hormonal shifts your body goes through (this is usually spotting only though). If you are getting negative results on the HPT, then that means you are not pregnant (at least not right now). If you've been having sex since mid September when you went off bc, then you might be pregnant but not yet turning a test positive, however, I don't believe you'd be pregnant from Aug/beginning of Sept. You would definitely have a positive test by now as that would make you 6-8 weeks pregnant (medically, 2 weeks are added to original conception date)

Normally the rule of thumb is that if you are far enough along to have pregnancy symptoms, then you are far enough along to turn a test positive. Maybe because you are paying more attention to your body, you are seeing symptoms that you might have otherwise overlooked. There are two things here... first, getting off the pill can throw your hormones way off, which can produce what seems like pregnancy symptoms from the shift in hormones. Two... around ovulation time, there is an increase in progesterone, which very much mirrors pregnancy so you might see symptoms that are similar to pregnancy. Same thing happens when you are about to get your period. So although you might be having all these pregnancy-like symptoms, they really don't mean anything without a positive test.

Keep testing once a week and waiting for your period. If you go 60 days with no period or positive test, then go see a doctor so that they will help get your period re-started.

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