5 year old and Meal time

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my son is 5 years old and I have the hardest time with him when it comes to eating. It takes hours most of the time for him to eat his food. He is always saying he doesn't like the food. We even tried letting him pick out meals to eat and he still gives us a hard time when it comes to eating it. It doesn't matter what the food is whether we make it or go out to eat he will complain about everything. What can I do?


Melanie - posted on 05/13/2009




My daughter was like this in a sense. The doctor told me to offer the food and if she eats she eats and if not then fine they will eat when they want to. Definately cut out giving them anything a few hours before dinner. I finally had to start telling her that I would save her dinner and when she got hungry later that would be what she eats. She would think that because she didn't eat dinner later on she could eat what she wanted. As I began to be stricter and more firm with this she realized that dinner was dinner and even if she didn't eat it with us she would eat it instead of say dessert like the rest of us.

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hi kimberly. my lill un is 3 and i stuggle with meal times with him to. he messes about n refusses to eat and it really annoys me. i have stopped him snacking on junk food through the day and give him fruit instead, also once a week on a sunday we sit down together and design a colourfull n funky meal planner. on it we wright down what he eats each day and if he does well at the end of the day he gets a gold star, if he has 7 gold stars then we praise him with a present or a fun day out. this seams to b working well and also i can keep n eye on what he is eating . xx


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I have two kids, 7 and 5. They both went through this, or maybe i should say "still going through this". What i do is put the portion of food that I KNOW they could eat. I set my timer (30mins) If the food is not ALL the way gone, they go to bed. And its working for us because what kid wants to go to bed at 6:30. The first couple of weeks ther were a lot of eary nights for both my kids, but now they hardly ever not finish there plate.

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my daughter is 5 and she loves to argue at dinner time.....so i just tell her shes not allowed to leave the table till she eats what she has....and eventually (after crying and fighting) she eats it

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