6 year old boy birthday party ideas

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I am new to this "Mommy" thing. I am actually a foster parent to my two nieces and nephew. He is turning 6 tomorrow and he wants to have some friends from school over on the weekend for a party. I've never done anything besides a family bday party. I need some tips on what to do to keep the kids entertained on a very small budget. Can anyone give me some suggestions? He is in kindergarten.


Corinne - posted on 06/09/2009




a bug theme is always fun for boys lol you can do lots of gummy worms and things like that! you dont have to buy anything but just looking on party favors.comyou can usually get good ideas from that! go to the dollar store fordecorations, party favors, candy, cups and plates,etc! just a plain cake from the box at the grocery store isenough for boys! and the cheapy gallon ice cream jugs are always a hit! no need to befancy! they would rather spray each other with hoses, do slip and slides, and rough house! not much actual entertaining needs to be done on your part! LOL as far as food... hotdogs and burgers or jsut snaky finger foods like fruit, chips, pig in a blanket...things like that! good luck and have fun!

Sarah - posted on 06/09/2009




My son turned 7 in January, so believe me, we just went through this!! We had a VERY tight budget, something like $50, so we had him invite a few friends to stay the night, invited family over, and had pizza for dinner. We did the "home-baked cake" and had him open his presents and the boys went outside to play football. That night we watched a movie and they played Jenga all night long!! It actually worked out like a charm! Have your two nieces make birthday signs on the computer or with markers and crayons! Get everyone to pitch in to help decorate and come up with fun at-home games!

I think the biggest thing is that he will remember the fun times he had more than what he gets, or didn't get, as long as he is remembered and noticed on this birthday. Good luck with the party!!!

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a trip to the fire station if he likes fire trucks. As long as you call ahead theres usually no problems with it and its free. my son got a free childs fire hat when we went. My son turned 5 and he still can't stop talking about it.

Its not only fun for the boys but you get to sneak in some education as well!

After you get back the boys will still be thinking of all those trucks so have some car and truck toys ready at the house so they can pretend to be firemen, then either buy a red or firetruck cake (I made a homemade cake and bought some cheap firetruck toys to go on top of it)


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Thank you everyone I am on an extremely tight budget so we're keeping it at home, but you've been helpful with game ideas and thing! I appreciate all your help!

Sarah - posted on 06/09/2009




FYI, for the pizza we had those Totino's Party Pizza's which are only about $1.25 each where I live, or you can look up recipes online that are really easy to make pizza crusts and have the kids make their own!!

Danielle - posted on 06/09/2009




pin the tale on the donkey musical chairs freeze tag all good games six yeq r old will mainly just run a round and play anyway my nephew just ahd a party and he's five and in kindergarden.....and thats all they did we had a clown the lovd it but all she did was this imaginatiopn thing anybody could do it then she had balloon animakls but you could always go for face paintng instead...

Susan - posted on 06/08/2009




Ask him what he's interested in and start with that as a theme. Cup cakes are cute idea. I really like Andreas's idea.

Andrea - posted on 06/08/2009




You could have a pirate theme, and go on a treasure hunt around the back yard. If you have a sand box, you could have the buried treasure hidden in there. You can buy cheap things to go with it at a dollar store. Some gold coins, bandannas, eye patches, and make cup cakes with a gold coin on top. I would avoid swords because you don't want a bunch of problems. But here's a start if you like it.

Emalou - posted on 06/08/2009




McDonalds is pretty good prices and in some places includes a bouncy castle, dey do everytin fo u includin games etc.... all u gotto do is take da cake lol!! a bit more pricier in pizza hut which is £4.99 each child!! not includin puddin McDonalds is £1.99!! good luck huni!!x

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