6 year old traumatized at bath time

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my 6 year old step son Gary* is traumatized of getting his ears wet and laying back in the tub. his step father and mother would put him in the tub at a very young age while in their care and hose him down with the shower head and "drown him" in a tub of water during bath time. Getting him to lay back to wash is hair is impossible without him screaming that he's "drowning" his ears are drowning and he's afraid to get water in his ears and eyes. we no longer find it appropriate to have to wash his hair like a 2 1/2 year old with a cup and a washcloth over his eyes due to him screaming again that he doesn't like water in his ears and eyes, as he is 6 years old. He doesn't seem to mind showers but will not get under it completely and freaks out regardless. Recommendations? even if he has a shower, his father or I have to stand at the bathroom door to make sure he washes himself and his hair (which he can't wash his hair by himself by the way) it is frustrating and stressful for both his father and myself.

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