7 month old waking in the night

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My 7month old son has been waking up in the night once or twice wanting to play or just lays there talking for up to 2hours, we put him to bed at 6:30 cause from 4pm he starts getting cranky/windgy cause his tired, before he would sleep right through till 5:30am -6am but every other night he wakes up at 10:30 will only drink abit of his bottle then wants to play, we put him back to bed and he talks for about 1-2 hours before going bk to sleep, then he will awake again about 2am and talk for another hour. He always has a DF at 11 and if his still asleep he will drink it all. When he does this he is extra tired and cranky during the day cause his had a restless night. At first i thought it was cause he sleeps to much in the day cause he wakes up on the morning at 5:30am for a feed then ill put him bk down and he will fall bk to sleep about 6:15am and will sleep till 7:30 ish then his tired and cranky by 8:30 but i keep him awake till 10:30 then he will nap till 11:30, lunch at 12 then his tired by 1 so ill put him bk down and he sleep for 2-2:30hours, he has his pudding at about 3:30 when he wakes up then by 4:30 his tired again, playing with his keeps him happy for abit then nothing does. I though he was getting to much durning the day but a few days ago he had an hours sleep all day from 7 when he woke up till 6:30 when i put him down and he still woke up 8n the night and didnt seem tired at all :/


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My little boy did the same when he was around that age. He actually scared me once because I opend my eye to check him on the monitor to find him staring at me with the biggest grin on his face.

This went on for awhile until finally I just knew I had to do some. He was a really good sleeper so I found this odd.

Just like you, he had a schedule during the day for naps till finally I realized that either I was letting him get too much sleep during the day or putting him to bed too early.

I started off by limiting the time he slept for naps to an hour. That helped until on a couple occassions, coming back from the kitchen with his jucie, I found him knocked out on his mat of toys. And when he gets sleepy, he will try everything in his power to make it happen. What completely stoped it was the time I put him to bed. After trial and error, I found for him, keeping him moving after naps, giving him a bath at 7:30 and putting him down at 8 kept him sleep throughout the night. I also stop giving him drinks 1-2 hours prior to that.

I've also had some friends tell me that their child stayed in bed as long as something or someone was next to them. They will talk to the toy that's next to them until they put themselves back to sleep.

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