8wk old boy - 6oz hungry baby formula every 2hr!!!

Suzi - posted on 06/04/2009 ( 10 moms have responded )




Hey guys new to this so hi to all yummy mummys and congratulations, its soo the best feeling in the world.

Right i have an 8 weks old boy, Wiliiam, who has just gone up to 6oz of baby formula, hes been put on to hungry baby formula to help but that made no difference still eating every 2 hours!!! So a few people suggested adding s little baby rice so we did and guess what........ still the same!!!! Every 2 hours he wants feeding, i try and keep him occupied when hes ready for a feed to try and pro long it but hes too smart and has worked me out!!!!

Has anyone got any other ideas, its tiering but not too bad during the day its just the nights im more concerned with!!!!!!

A very tiered Mummy!!!!!


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Charlie - posted on 06/04/2009




my bubba was eating every two to three hours on breast milk however formula is different , there is a certain amount you should give them daily , giving them too much can make them very sick , you should talk to your doctor , maybe he is thirsty i know everyone says they get enough from their feeds , but cooled boiled water cant hurt them and keeps their little tummies full for a short time . good luck with it .

Kayleigh - posted on 06/04/2009




My lil guy was similiar to yours.He was used to a 2 hour schedule because he had jaundice real bad and we had to feed him every two hours.But as he got older and ate more we thought that this would stop.It didn't. However, he did have reflux and the milk was coating the acid in his stomach so he was always wanting to eat.He would put down 11ounces like every hour or two.He was getting really big and really fast.He practically skipped through his 0-3mo clothes.We put oatmeal in his bottle because it makes them stay full longer and they don't get constipated.We also put him on a new feeding schedule and I know it sounds bad.When he was ready to eat after 2hrs, we would wait an extra 15 minutes.This only took a few times of he screaming and yelling but he got used to it.We fed him every 3hrs in the day and 4 at night.We started this at 11weeks.Our pedi was amazing.He was all for oatmeal in the bottle.He even suggested that we skip baby food and just give him ground up adult food at 6 mos.It was one of the best things we ever done.

Passante - posted on 06/04/2009




my little one was the same but it changes after a while, u should just adjust to his feeding habits until he grows into a more comfortable pattern

Samantha - posted on 06/04/2009




my son had a big appetite from the start..his first meal was 3oz!! and he would eat up to 8oz after i bought him home! some one had suggested baby rice and i tried it but i found that his stomache couldnt handle it. he would vomit and get horrible gas. i had also heard that when u give babies the rice to early that it would bring on allergies. i now have him on a schedual where he eats 6oz and if he cries for 15 mins after that bottle that i cant calm him down i give him 2 more ounces. he'll eat that every 2 1/2 - 3 hours. when i first put him on that routine he cried for the first 2 days after that he was fine. hes now 2 months old and still only eats up to 8oz. and when he gives me a hard time i just try to rock him and pretend hes not crying because when i give in he just gets sick so i kno that he dosent need the food.

have u ever considered that he might be colic? i never thought my son was but the doctor pointed out that when hes doner eating he pulls his knees to his chest and starts to cry and aparently that means hes colic, even though during the day he's for the most part mellow. he just requires constant attention when hes awake....but what baby dosent?

Sarah - posted on 06/04/2009




try a new fomula, some of the newer formulas with all the probiotics and extra additives help babies to digest the milk a lot quicker then the standard formula's, maybe try something that doesnt have gold in the name, i no with my son who was a lot like u was drinking every 2-3 hours and he was on Nan h1a gold (which is what they use in the hospital) i changed him to the Nan pro and it really helped it seems to keep him fuller for longer, i wouldnt try cereal just yet i think he is a bit too young and they reccomend not giving baby any type of solids until they can at least hold thier heads upright, good luck!

Amie - posted on 06/04/2009




Ya I agree with Tara unless your child's doctor is telling you to give him rice cereal don't do it. It's not good for small babies. It can cause problems later on... now not all babies end up with problems but that isn't the point. It might just end up being yours.
My own 2 month old eats a lot. About the same amount actually. All my kids did this. (I have 3 others) Just bear with it, they will eventually stop growing so rapidly and not need to eat so often. The good thing about bottle feeding is you can get babysitters! Try asking family to watch him for an afternoon so you can catch up on your sleep. Or get daddy to get up at least once a night to feed him. My hubby gets up once ours are fully on the bottle to feed them. He works 12 hr shift work so for him to do this is hard on him but he loves the kids and knows I need my rest too.
Mine though is now at 3 hours between feeds during the day. (that's the only time she gets a bottle at the moment.) I feed her some and make sure she's not gulping it down. If she's upset she does this. So I calm her down, give her her bottle and every couple ounces stop and burp her. She's ended up eating an extra one to two ounces at each feeding because of this and can go the 3 hours with ease. She also gets her suckie when she's done so she can go to sleep with it. She has a strong suck reflex so it helps to keep her asleep too.
Night time will be interesting when she's fully on the bottle but for now she sleeps with us still and I nurse her at night. She nurses for soooooo long though. She usually eats for a half hour to 45 minutes each time I nurse her. That's why we've introduced bottles.

Mikey - posted on 06/04/2009




My Boy was like that too.it will slow down he is still new and trying to grown.mine did around 3 months started going longer between feedings.also I always said i would never give my baby a sucky but I did when he was tiny beacuse sometime i think he just wanted that sucking as comfort. Same with my new born girl they like to suck so sometimes I give her the sucky.It worked and he didnt get attached.

LaCi - posted on 06/04/2009




mine was like that. he's just a growing boy, he needs his food! I tried the cereal as well, against all medical advice lol no change, no help with anything.

Nico actually drank 24 ounces in one sitting when he was a few months old and then projectile vomited straight up in the air and all over me (he wouldnt stop screaming for the bottle, so I let him have it thinking he would stop... not the case) it was actually pretty hilarious. he was happy after that though..

They just eat a lot, especially if they hit a growth spurt. I could sleep more than a couple hours for the first 6 months of his life. Hope it gets better for you soon

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