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hey im 19, im 9 days late for my period, ive been off the pill since my last period, ive been off the pill since my last period could i be pregnant, i done a test two days after i was meant to get my period it was (neg) shuld i wait to do another one, ive been having alot of white discharge alot,and ive been getting bad headaches and ive had a headspin and feeling abit sick


Leona - posted on 09/30/2012




Often you have physical reactions to stopping the pill including, but not limited to irregular periods and excessive vaginal discharge. I wouldn't freak out about it just yet. Though to be on the safe side I would stop drinking and smoking just to be sure. Calculate when the last time you had sex (with or without a condom, they don't always work) and wait the 'allotted' time as instructed on a regular (not those 'know sooner that all the other ones') test. At this point you are just going to have to be patient and wait. But in my opinion its probably just your body figuring out what is going on with the lack of birth control. Birth control does strange things to our bodies.

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