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I know circle of moms is a place for us mommies to vent and get support from others in our situation, but i do notice that there is a lot of dud father conversations out there, so i just wanted to do a post on the great dads. So if you have a great daddy comment or story post it here!

My husband has been amazing with our son since day 1. When i used to breastfeed, my husband would get up as well and bring me glasses of water. One time during a projectile poop incident (yes, poop!), while i was asleep, my husband calmly brought me our son all fresh and clean so i could nurse him and went back into the nursery and scubbed the walls (yes it got on the walls) lamp and wipes box, without saying anything...he didnt tell me until after he spent an hour cleaning the room. Even now as our son is 18months old, and daddy works over 40hrs a week, he still comes home excited to play with him, he enjoys doing his dinners and we always do bathtime, storytime and bedtime together.


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Kara - posted on 08/19/2009




jamar is a really good daddy. i was 17 and he was 19 when we had our son. he paid a friend to stay with us will we both worked and went to school. after him working 8 hrs and school 6 hrs he would still make sure i had time to myself everyday. he now does it with our 18month old, after after working 16 hr shifts.
he also made time for us to spend time together.

Alicia - posted on 08/19/2009




Matthew is not perfect bc he does work 50 hr weeks and is tired as well but he is amazing i had a horriable long painful labor then c section and he never left my side ...To be honest he even cried alot because i was in so much pain it was cheesey..then when we did come home after 6 days in the hospital he waited on my hand and foot... But now that i'm healed and doing just fine he doesnt do as much but he does work to support our family since i only work part time bc we don't want our daughter in day care.. So over all i am one of the luck ones as well .. And ever day i wake up next to him i thank the lord bc my bestfriend "baby dad" has been gone since she was 3 months prego...

Melissa - posted on 08/19/2009




My husband is amazing, and at times I don't realize it. He works extremely hard then comes home and helps out here. Whenever he takes a day off, he lets me sleep in. I tell him not to, but I sleep like a rock so there is no getting me up unless you work at it real hard. He cooks dinner from time to time and takes the boys out so I can have a break. If I want to leave to get away from the house, it's never a problem. I just go. Of course, he still has his quirks but I wouldn't have him any other way.

Nicola - posted on 08/19/2009




Alan is the same since day one he has got stuck right in we take night about bathing and bedding David, Alan works 40 hour weeks and every night takes David out on his bike with the dog to give me some time to myself and every Sat and Sun he gets up with David in the morning to give me a long lie. I am supported all the way.

This has now got me thinking to all the times I bad mouth him for something petty and made me realise that me and David are very very lucky to have him and love him very much x x x

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