a teacher accused my son of having a psychological problem

Elona - posted on 03/08/2013 ( 1 mom has responded )




Hi I would like to know what other moms will do and if they think what am doing is best for my child. My child came home from school still wearing soiled underwear even if I knew there was clean clothes in his suitcase. He is 5 years old and very active. I confronted the teacher and asked her why he was not changed and the awnser was he did not tell her. He might be scared to tel her. Actually he is very scared of his teacher.

We were still getting down into this conversation and she just said my son broke another childs arm the previous day. My response why was I not informed when it happened. She bluntly said I did not pick him up from school its true it was granddad turn because they always go for ice-cream on that day. I have a phone they have my number. So as am standing there losing my mind she just said and he has a psychological problem.

What did I miss? Last year when he was evaluated they said he plays nice with other kids and cares about theyre feelings. We took him last year to get evaluated because we had a problem with a child that bullies at the school.

What really made me mad is the idea of this woman making this accusation. I lost it completely. Now tell me if this is wrong of me to do. I made an appointment with an independent psychologist that does not work directly with the school. He must test my son for whatever psychological problem they think he might have and test him for school readiness. If he finds nothing wrong with my child I will take further steps like going to the educational department and making a case against this teacher.

Is it the right move to take it this far because my other problem is I cant see the principal because she is the principal. How does that thing go Jack of all trade Master of none. I spoke to the pre-school my son is going to next year and the principal told me he is worried about the kids there because when it comes to school readiness they keep back about 20 to 35 kids. It sounds to me that this teacher and the people who are suppose to test the kids are in the same bag.

We have a clinic here in town were we can test our children but if your kid is in this school you need a letter from the school to make an appointment. I tried last year when we wanted to get him evaluated. So I also had to go to an independent psychologist.

Moms listen to your kids they might really be scared of their teacher and this I found out now. Please dont make the mistakes I made

Elona Haselau


Liz - posted on 03/10/2013




I definitely think you made the right move. Good on you for taking matters into your own hands to get this situation dealt with. If the psychologist you have chosen finds nothing wrong with your son, perhaps it is time to switch schools.

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