abscent father feeling understress with no one to talk to about it i have a hard time speaking about it

Amy - posted on 04/17/2014 ( 1 mom has responded )




I seperated from my daughters father when i was only 7 weeks pregnant, he wanted me to have an abortion but since i was really scared to have one and i still had feelings for him i just went along with my pregnancy by myself. When my daugther was born i was 20 now im 21 got prego at 19 i met him when i was 17 i spent all my time with him i didnt go to school because he was controlling and taught that i would cheat on him. I was very dispointed on how cowardly he acted when i told him i was expecting i was very angry and sad that i wanted to get the abortion just so i wouldnt deal with him or nothing that reminded me of him but my friend and mum told me not to do something i dont want to do beacuse he was really pushing me to edge with his words he was abusive not physically but verbally i cut contact with him . When i went into labor i expected him to have a change of heart but he was the same cold uncaring ( with a new booty) /gf... He didnt meet our daughter until she was almost three months old . When he saw that her face was his face he told me sorry for everything his done ect. I didnt accept the apology because i was so hurt. I told him dont talk about whats done with and just be be a father and step up. He replied with the stupidest shit ever he said he was scared like come on ! Im the one who was scared im the one having bby im the one taking chances im the one whos willing to give her life up for baby with man who was only there for the good times only for partying he was always there for the fun. Now my bbygirl is gunn 2 nd his completely out of lives idk if i should be happy or sad or to look for him idk what to do should i just move on with it like i grew up without a father nd i always cried about bcuz my mum left him for another man when i was 5 nd he would hit me nd treat me like crap. I dont want my daughter to rescent me for not having her father im feeling so lost.


Jodi - posted on 04/20/2014




Actually, it is probably the truth that he was scared, and because he wasn't the pregnant one, he was able to run. Yep, it sucks, I know, but it happens a LOT. Did you at least offer him the opportunity to be in her life? If you did, and he chose not to be, there is nothing more you can do. At the very least, he should be paying support. Regardless of his or your feelings, it isn't only YOU that has a financial obligation to support your child, he does too.

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