ADHD or something else?

Kiersten - posted on 07/08/2009 ( 4 moms have responded )




My daughter, who is 6 years old has always been a hyper child. She runs around like shes had tons of sugar from dawn till dusk. Its hard for her to concentrate in school because all she wants to do is play. I have tried to work with her on this behavior by simulating a classroom setting to help her learn the concepts from her day at school. I have also tried various other things. Just for the record: Sugar and sweets, soda and juice are kept to a minimum. Could it be ADHD, or something serious as this that i should bring to the attention of her doctor? Or am i just being a paranoid mother and just let her roam around untill she passes out?


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Jackie - posted on 07/08/2009




It could be adhd, it could just be she's a bundle of energy. Just please be careful when you take her to the dr about it. Dr's are very willing to just write out prescriptions when it's really not the cause. My brother has ADHD he was diagnosed around your daughters age. He had to see a therapist and he prescribed medication.

Erica - posted on 07/08/2009




It could very well be ADHD however there are other medical and emotional issues it could be as well. Honestly the diagnosis system of ADHD is very gray and honestly it is very easy to get a false positive result from many dr.'s. There are behavorial therapies as well as sensory groups that you can try as a compliment to any medicine you try. Also I hear that some food dye also attributes to ADHD behaviors. Remember that you make the decisions and you could try the medicine and then take her off and see what the result is. I have had ADHD meds prescribed for my child in the past and did this trick to determine that the medicine really was not helping him "control" himself. Good luck and your first step is to see a DR asap.

Stacey - posted on 07/08/2009




Yes, it could be ADD or ADHD - discuss with her pediatrician about having her evaluated, as it could also be a variety of other disorders (depending on any other "symptoms" she may have). Does she have any "quirks?" Don't automatically rule out medication if other things have been tried. It can help children who really need it to concentrate and behave better while at school. Education is important and so is friendship and some children have a hard time with both of these if they cannot control themselves. In these cases, medication can help (but realize that you need an accurate diagnosis and the medication - if you choose it - can take awhile to regulate). Good luck!

Lynnette - posted on 07/08/2009




It could very much be ADD or ADHD... If you take her to your local or to her Pediatrician theycan check her for it..Do not use redlin(a prescribed medicine for add)

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