Advice for toddler taking diaper off in crib

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My 21 mo old has started this and is doing it 3-4 times before going to bed and its taking him a long time to go to sleep, its keeping him up being occupied with it, and by the time hes asleep he is naked under the covers but soaked with pee. Thankfully he hasnt number two'd but this it driving me crazy. Anyone know any tricks on keeping it on?

I have tried zip up footy pj's, onsies with pants, the button ups, he can take em all off. I have been thinking about getting underwaear and putting them over his diaper, has anyone tried this?

Any advice would be great! Thanks!


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thank you both! Yea I have had a rough time with it. i will stand out side the door and every time he trys pulling down his pants I try to be firm with him sayin he cant do that and I lay him down and as soon as im gone hes right at it again. As you can tell its not working.

I talked to my sister about it and she said too that it was a sign of being ready to potty train, but I think Im goin to wait a couple months until hes a bit more ready, he still wakes up with wet diapers and def does not control his bowels very well. But I will for sure try this duct tape idea, and putting diaper on backwards, lol it doesnt sound mean at all, Ill surely try it to keep having accidents everyday.

Thanks again!

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Duct tape. Until she was sleep/nightime trained, I had to do this with my daughter or there would LITERALLY be crap everywhere. Duct tape stopped her being able to get it off herself.

April - posted on 12/08/2012




yes i have tryed all of tht its a sign tht its time to be potty trained my kids did all the time now i have a seven yr old tht still has problems because he has alot of disibilites and i also have a twenty month old and a nephew tht is twenty one months old i know tht u go crazy but its just a part of life try potty trainer real soon and it should get better i go crazy my self but i deal with it but what i do is i put the diaper on backwards and then put a piece of tape on it and then put pjs on they seem to have a hard time getting off it might seem mean but my doctor said to do it in till u are ready to potty train

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