advice needed to get 9mth old to sleep through the night

Lucy - posted on 09/06/2012 ( 3 moms have responded )




hi guys,

Im struggling to get my 9mth old baby boy to sleep any longer that 3hrs at night. Any tips or advice?

Ive been to sleep school and paediatricianc but nothing is working. I still wrap him - thats what the sleep school told me to keep doing and he will sleep from about 8:30pm til 11:30pm and thats all then he wont sleep again til about 8am.

Please help, im getting very tired



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Lucy - posted on 09/11/2012




thanks guys. ive was told by the sleep clinic to wrap him still (as i had started using sleeping saxks) and to always give him three sleeps a day as he is up so early in the morn.


wake 5:30 am. do a poo

sleep 8:00am. always falls back to sleep after pooing

wake 9:30am. breakfast, play, walk in pram

sleep 12:30pm.

wake 2:00pm. feed, play

sleep 4:30pm short nap for 30mins

wake 5:00pm tea, play, bath, play

sleep 8:15pm

wake 11:30pm

sleep 4:00am

so i dont know what to alter, if i take his late afternoon nap out then he will only make about 6:30pm so i just dont know. he certainly has a full tummy and clean nappy.


Chelsea - posted on 09/10/2012




The earliest my DD sleeps is 9pm. She will only sleep at that time if she has two naps throughout the day(no longer than 1 hour). She takes one at 10 and then one at 3 or 4. I keep her active throughout the day! She wakes up around 11pm, but we just pick her up and rock her and she falls right back down to sleep. We also make sure she is fed right before her bedtime. I really think it all depends on their day time naps! It works for my DH and I :)

Sarah - posted on 09/07/2012




When he wakes what do you usually do...feed/hold/rock? How many naps does he take during the day and how long are the naps? What time is he up from his last nap of the day?

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