am i crazy !!!

Joanna - posted on 11/11/2013 ( 1 mom has responded )




Let me start off by saying I love my mom bit we don't have good relationship at all, she really.wasn't there for me for my pregnancy babyshower delivery anything! But now she has a say in EVERYTHING I do as a mother its driving me crazy!

Examples: 1.we co sleep ahe says a good mother would never share blanket w a baby she needs her own seprate

2:I fully brestfeed but she says poor baby she needs formula to and solids at 4months n when I didn't she told everyone I wasn't feeding my baby enough!

3:a good mom would not let a dog around her or sit on the outside furniture because are poodle sits on their

4:if I put her in a onsie infront of company she picks her up and in baby talk says poor baby your mom dsnt love you enough to put a pror outfit on yo

Just so many things the list goes on an on and on!!! It's never anything good always negative and this is everytime I see her she says its her just trying to "help" and I'm dumb and dramatic for getting upset what's your opinion?


April - posted on 11/12/2013




Yeah i'd be annoyed too, back when i was a first time mum, it drove me nuts when someone kept throwing there two cents in when i didn't need it.

Why don't you try having a conversation with your mum when you're not upset and just explain to her how she makes you feel. Being a mum is an experience and even though a lot of people will throw there opinions on how to better raise a baby, people also have to understand that mums need to learn things for themselves so they know what is best for their child. Hopefully she starts to listen to you and stops driving you nuts with her nit picking.

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