Am I crazy to have baby number 3?

Christina - posted on 10/23/2012 ( 2 moms have responded )




I have a son,4, and a son, 17 months, have started a new job, am in school, and am concidering not getting back on birth control...

I'm thinking of wanting another baby, but at the same time am not completely sure. I know that if I had another one that we would make it work out and all, but it's not like deciding to get a puppy (hence you can always get rid of the puppy lol).

I keep having the nagging thought in my head to have another one though. I like the idea of waiting until I'm done with my degree, but also don't want huge spacings between my children. W are renting,and I'd like to wait also until we can buy a house; although we haven't bought one because we don't know where we want to live yet.

My husband and I are 26, and 22, and I'm just wondering if I'm crazy to even be thinking about this or not....


Any suggestions?


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User - posted on 10/26/2012




I have a 1 yo and 3 yo and am pregnant with #3. We were going to wait one more year but it happened to us sooner than expected. Right after I found out I was pregnant it was very stressful. I was overwhelmed at the thought of taking care of a newborn and 2 other children 4 yo and under. That being said, I am completely over it now. I know we will be able to handle it because you do what you have to do. Also I think all the maternal hormones have kicked in and given me that "super-mommy" feeling. I got pregnant with my first right after graduating college and was very thankful I did. Nursing school was the worst time of my life and I think a pregnancy really would've sent me over the edge. Some programs aren't as intense as that and would be better with a pregnancy so I think it depends on your situation. If you could wait to get pregnant so that you would deliver the baby after graduation then being pregnant in school maybe wouldn't be so bad. As far as the house buying thing, I wouldn't let it affect your decision for a baby. We bought our house between #1 and #2 but really could've done it at any time. Many people think we are crazy for wanting 3 children but after having 2 beautiful, wonderful boys I almost think it would be crazy to not want more! I wish you luck!

Sarah - posted on 10/23/2012




My best advise would be for the two of you to sit down and look at the pros and cons and figure out if the timing would be what is best for your family right now. No one but the two of you can really answer this.

I can only speak from my experience. For me I had my first in the middle of my last year of college. I completed my last semester as a new mom trying to balance school, internship, motherhood,and wife. That was REALLY hard and STRESSFULL for me. If I was to ever go back and give myself advise it would be to wait until I had completed my degree as my grades did reflect the stress. I am VERY glad that I stuck it out (there were MANY times I felt like I should just be mom and quit school) That degree means a lot to me and allows me to do the work I do today.

For the house and spacing of kids.......that was right where I was at after my second child. My first two are 3 years apart. I like that spacing and wanted to keep that for the next one, but we too were renting at the time and I really wanted to have our own home by the time #3 came. I knew that if we had #3 before buying a home it would make it that much harder and longer before we would be able to do so. So we waited......we bought a house, then a bigger vehicle, then saved some $, so I was able to take a long maternity leave(3 months) as I don't get paid for time off. Ten years after #2, #3 came! And I have LOVED EVERY MINUTE OF IT!!! My older kids are old enough to really help out and sometimes babysit. The sibling bond is still there even with the age gap. It is different, but just as special.....This was the thing I worried about the most and was SO glad to realize that just because there is a different age difference it does not mean they are not going to have their own special sibling bond. We are set financially and I am able to just enjoy. I also think that as I have watched my older two grow it makes me really enjoy watching #3 grow. I am just taking it all in and enjoying each moment...not trying to rush to the next stage or get too busy to miss some of the little things. It was also neat to go through pregnancy and having a newborn with older kids. They learned SO much about how babies grow and how to care for babies (DNA and dominate and reccesive genes to changing diapers, rocking and holding a newborn, and how to soothe a crying baby).

Many people say that if you wait until the right time to have kids you will be waiting all your life and though I do agree with that I also think that sometimes good things come to those that wait.

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