Am I so wrong for wanting to protect my daughter??

Ashley - posted on 11/24/2012 ( 2 moms have responded )




My daughter is 10 months old. Lately, I have done my best to keep her away from her dad's side of the family.

In all the years I have known her grandfather, I've never seen him sober or without a beer in his hand.

His girlfriend draws a check for being mentally retarded and they both have drug problems.

Also, they have 2 young kids that neither of them watch, and allow to terrorized my child, (i.e. stepping on her feet, poking her soft spot, pinching her and then they laugh about it).

The rest of his family back these 2 pieces of trash up and deem me as the bad one and I've began ignoring them as well.

Am I doing the right thing trying to protect my daughter from all these bad things?


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Denikka - posted on 11/24/2012




You are absolutely doing the right thing. You have a moral obligation (at the VERY least) to protect your child from harm and from people who are harmful. Even if they may not hit/physically abuse her or anything like that, seeing the situation is still detrimental.

You have every right, ESPECIALLY at this age, to judge who you want to be around your child and who you don't. And you have the right to dictate, within reason, how they are to behave when around your child. If you don't want them around her, keep them away. And if anyone doesn't like it, tough. You're the mom and you're looking out for your child's best interests.

M - posted on 11/24/2012




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