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Charlie - posted on 08/26/2009




NO ! you are absolutely doing the right thing , if you have concern then try and get it early .
It would be much worse to ignore it .
Good luck .

Kattie - posted on 08/26/2009




Good for you for being honest and not afraid to ask! As a teacher, I have seen many parents struggle with the idea of testing, and I have also seen students who would benefit from assistance struggling because their parents refused it even if it was something as simple as extended time on taking a test. Depending where you are, you can receive assistance through the school district or Parents as Teachers for the testing. It never hurts to find out. I wish more parents were as brave as you!

Samantha - posted on 08/26/2009




It's never good to try denying that there might be a problem. If your child is showing signs that she may have a problem you should definately get her tested in order to help her. The longer you wait, the worse it can get if there is a problem. I have a sister who has been diagnosed w/ADHD, Aspberger's, and Autism. It took them years to come up w/her full diagnosis and they had already started late w/testing her. They didn't do it until she was in 3rd grade. She is 18 now, and yet she is not doing as well as she could have if they had figured out the problem earlier. And if your daughter turns out to have any sort of problems, just remember that there is help out there. They offer many services such as Personal Care Assistants (PCA's) and government funding to help pay for it and a special program called TAP where they can go once they graduate high school to learn things that they need for the real world such as balancing a check book or making a meal. My fiance has ADHD, he has a handle on it but because of that and my sister, my son is at risk for having trouble as well. He's too young to show any signs now, but if he does when he gets older I am getting him tested right away because I don't want to make it worse by waiting.

Jennifer - posted on 08/26/2009




Absolutely not!!! I think you would be a RESPONSIBLE and CARING mother for wanting to get her tested! There is nothing wrong with a child who has special needs, and it's better you find out one way or the other so you will know how to help her grow as a person!!

Rebecca - posted on 08/26/2009




No definitely not, the best case scenario you find out she didn't need testing at all, second best you got her help right away and now her life will be so much better and less frustrating for it! As a teacher and a parent I understand some parents not wanting to face the possibility of their children having special needs but they do them so much more harm but not facing it and not having their child tested, so good for you! There should be more Mom's like you out there

Betty - posted on 08/26/2009




No. As long as you are only doing it out of concern. If you were doing it to teach her a lesson than I would say it is wrong.

Melissa - posted on 08/26/2009




No! If she needs special help it would be great for her! My son has an IEP at his school and it works wonders! And as a parent of a child who has an IEP (or whatever its called in ur location) you have a lot more say it what goes on with your child at school...

Rebecca - posted on 08/26/2009




i have a learning need and if mum mum didnt get me tested then i would of struggled. but thanks 2 her i live a normal life and i have my own daughter. so i say go 4 it

Samantha - posted on 08/26/2009




You are her mom and know her best, if you see signs that your child might need specialized schooling I applaud you for being honest with yourself. Most of us parents deny it to ourselves and think "our child, never" wether its due to pride or fear, but even myself, when my first born was just months old, I feared that he was autistic, because he never made eye contact, and I spoke to his doctor immediately, because I said to myself, if he is, I want intervention ASAP! So I applaud you, if you feel she should be tested, go with your instinct.

Good Luck and never doubt yourself.

Bridget - posted on 08/26/2009




I don't think so. Only you know if there might me a problem. It's better to get her tested and nothing be wrong then not get her tested and find out later that it might have been able to be fixed if you had had her tested earlier.

Christine - posted on 08/26/2009




No, not if you feel there might be a problem. If she doesn't need it then thats great, if she does, then you will be in a great position to set up the proper help she needs. If she does need help, it is always better to have to sooner than later.

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