Another Baby already......

Kelly - posted on 08/11/2009 ( 4 moms have responded )




Ok so I had the Implanon for birthcontroll and it was causing me to have after about 6 months of trying to figure out what was causing them i got my bc taken out.....and they went away....but in between switching my bc we had sex and didn't use protection.....from what i understood when they took the implanon out they said that i was ok for 5 days and then to start my new bc.....well i never got my peroid like i normally do.....i got the implanon out on the 22nd of july and then had some spotting on the 5th and 6th of August.....and then the last few days i haven't been feeling that well in the afternoon.....and thats when i was sick when i was prego with my son....but i just don't know if it is from switching bc or if i am prego.....


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Kelly - posted on 08/12/2009




So I took a pregnancy test and it was negative, but i am still feeling the same way....and we have 2 weddings this i made an appoinment with my doctor on Friday and they said that they will do a blood draw to see if they can tell me if i am pregnant or i guess we will see what friday brings....and Patience it wouldn't be a big deal if i am prego again....i just don't think that we are ready for another baby already....but if thats what is going on then we will be more than happy to have another addition to our family......

Patience - posted on 08/11/2009




I would take a pregnancy test first and even if you are pregnant again, Is that a big deal? Children are a blessing and my way of thinking is that if it is meant to be it will happen regardless if you are on birth control or not.

Jennifer - posted on 08/11/2009




I have 3 kids and my older 2 are 11 months apart. it's not so bad when they are close because they develope together or really close together. get it all done in a short time. they are both starting the 1st grade this year. that is the one downfall they also grow up at the same time. Empty nest is a lot harder.

Sara - posted on 08/11/2009




My son and daughter are only 15 months apart. The second pregnancy was EXHAUSTING!!!! The first year was the most tired I have ever felt in my entire life! But after my son turned one and I started potty training my daughter, it was soooo much easier! Now my kids are two and three and they are geat friends, they play together all the time and they do things at about the same time, so it is really fun.

I would suggest taking it really easy and getting rid of any extra activities, etc while you are pregnant and during the first year of the baby's life. After that first year it is a lot easier.

This is how I felt, good luck!

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