Tyeesha - posted on 09/14/2013 ( 2 moms have responded )




I have anxitey for no reason I checked many of sometimes with the doctors but that said nothing wrong ..

So my anxiety cause
1, my heart is like hurt but feels like its something move in it but not
2, my view of seeing other and things is different like everything is brighter and I feel like I am not in the same place as I was before
3. Nose is runny
4. My leg where my feet is feel werid
5, my hands and feet feel tingly


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Gena - posted on 09/16/2013




The hands and feet feel tingly because at that moment you are not breathing properbly or the same way as usual. When you have an anxiety attack adreniline gets pumped through your body.Your body gets into a mode that wants to fight or flee because your body or brain thinks you are in a death situation.Your pupils can get bigger and the blood flow changes. I guess you get into that mode because your heart hurts and then you are frightend and the adreniline starts. If you go to a therapist he will explain to you how your vegative nerve system works and you will learn methods how to deal with it.You might even need to take medicine. I know that it is a hard process but you must also know that you are not the only person going through this..and you are not crazy!

Devon - posted on 09/14/2013




It sounds like you need to maybe see a therapist and see what they think. You might just have a lot on your mind and because your having anxiety you may also be having high blood pressure. try a therapist and see if talking to someone helps with your hands and feet. good luck

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