any ideas to bring on labour

Renee - posted on 06/02/2009 ( 15 moms have responded )




im currently due for my second child and im worried that ill have to be induced , i was induced for my first child and dont want that again, How can i get labour started???


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i hated my pregnancy, it was boiling hot out & i put on loads of weight and i just wanted my baby girl out so 1 week befor my due date I tried everything to bring on my labour. Hot curry, pineapple,sex, bumpy car rides,nipple stimulation, raspberry leaf tea and castor oil (not the nicest way,and if you try it your ment to drink the whole bottle. i drank half because its disgusting).

and my little girl was still two days over due.

i have been told since walking alot is a really good way to bring on labour.

Lauren - posted on 06/03/2009




*please note*

My mother is a midwife and has advised me that Castor Oil is no longer recommended as it can cause fetal distress which should be avoided at all costs.

I was 10 days over with my second baby & had advised that i didn't want to be induced, my midwife told me that I actually didn't have to, I can refuse induction & request an ultrasound that measures the amount and production of amniotic fluid which will tell you whether or not your baby is ok. There have been recent studies that indicate that it is the babies that trigger labour, suggestions are that they may release certain levels of hormones which stimulate our bodies to i guess they really will just come when they're ready. Try and give them as much time to do this as you can arrange with you healthcare provider, don't forget you have a choice, it's your baby & your body!



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Its proven that there is a spot on the bottom of your foot that when massaged or pressed during pregnancy can bring on labour. I sat at home and got a heap of cream and massaged my feet......... that night i went into labour! Also walking is a great one.


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Samantha - posted on 06/05/2009




im sure you've heard this before but sex really does work...a friend of mine tried it and later that night she went into labor

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there are a few things you can do to get labor is to have sex, i know it sounds like alot considdering you are this far along but the mans sperm can bring on contractions. walking can get it started too but sometimes this does not work. jumping, buy i would try the first one it will probely do the trick.

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I read that there's something in sperm that will bring labor on. So lots of sex lol. With my second i went into labor after fooling around for a couple hours lol. Then when i was in early labor i walked and that brought things on faster.

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Along with these suggestions, it was also suggested to me to get chriopractic adjustments 3 times a week, take blue coash tablets that dissolve under the toungue and also evening primrose oil and accupuncture is supposed to help too.

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Ive heard them all too. Eat eggplant, walk, sex, eating something spicey. I think that most women arent gonna go into labor until their bodies are just ready. I went into labor and didnt have my baby until a week later and then they still had to induce me because i wouldnt dilate past a one. I walked until i was so tired i wanted to pass out all it made me do is tired. All i can say is good luck trying atleast something i guess helps pass the time.

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find a tea house and get raspberry leaf tea, i worked in a tea house and it is one of the best things to drink to bring on labour. other then that, your very best option is nipple stimulation and do the last...its better!! (and fun)

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walking is all I can say. My son was 8 days late and everyone told me everything like having sex or drinking raspberry leaf tea, eating curry etc..nothing worked except walking and I mean lots. I went to the baby expo with my mum and sister and we were walking around all day long no sitting. I walked maybe 5 hours then by the time we got home and I sat down to relax I started my contractions. When I got to hospital they made me walk some more for 3 hours! so walk walk walk. It helps bring the baby lower into the pelvis and can stimulate contractions as well as burst the water...

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I am a c-section patient so naturally I am scheduled two weeks prior to my actual due date, however with our second child and the tires of being pregnant I had sex and then drank Castor oil, a friend suggested it to me and sure enough I went into labor that night around 9pm now mind you I was a month early so the doctor tried to stop the labor but that didn't happen and we had the c section around 4pm the following day...

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Sex, nipple stimulation, and walking. I was 115 pounds pre-pregnancy and gave birth to a 9 pound baby and was sooo uncomfortable and dying for him to come out. I went to the doctor and she could see how miserable I was so she kind of gave a few rough "pokes" to my cervix which helps you begin to efface. I also had sex daily, even though you don't want it at all it serves the same purpose, and I walked. To be honest, I was so anxious that I put my 3 year old nephew on my shoulders and jogged for about a hundred yards and like magic, my water broke, worked wonderfully! Good luck!

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I got a pedicure the day I went into labor, and had sex the night before...the combination of those work wonders!!

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babycenter is really good.. i get monthly emails from them....

i was overdue with my son... and was going to have to get induced but the night b4 i went into labour i had a HEAP a curry.. and a few hours later i was in early labour.. might not of been the curry.... i might of just been ready... LOL

Also they say bump car rides...... Pineapple juice........

Hope something works for you..

Jessica - posted on 06/02/2009




There's a really cool website my friend told me about that really helped me. It's

Hope this helps


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