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any other breastfeeding moms like this?

Theresa - posted on 02/14/2011 ( 32 moms have responded )




i've been fully nursing for almost six months now and it's impossible for me to loose weight i can eat anything i never go under or over the weight i am now is this normal .. is it easier to loose weight after you weaned your lil one thanks for your time :)


Cindi - posted on 02/15/2011




It should be easier to loose while u are nursing, it is normal to eat a lot while u r nursing because of the fact that u r giving baby all ur nutrients. I found myself eating a lot and not loosing anything but i didn't exercise, I just now started exercising and I have lost 12lbs so far. I think it is easier for me now because i don't have to worry about hurting the baby with everything i do. Hope this helps.

Tiffany - posted on 02/15/2011




I Breastfed with my oldest daughter and found it fairly easy to loose weight b/c I was watching what I ate and I took her on walks, her in the stroller and me walking! Fresh fruit and veggies the more colorful the better! and if you drink milk 1% or skim I personally drink Silk pure Almond vanilla soy milk, and cut WAY down on starches, no white starches, everything whole wheat. you can eat as much fresh fruit and veggies (no ranch dressing) :(, b/c they have NO CALORIES and they are supportive in healthy development for the baby! Also walking 30-45 minutes a day helps burn some of that off and the baby eating takes calories from you as well! Fish and Chicken are very lean, steamed veggies are the best, no can stuff! The more color you have in you diet the more energy you will have! Hope this helps! I personally did this it was recommended by my Nurse Practitioner and I lost 25lbs in a month!

Starr - posted on 02/15/2011




Ive nursed five babies and it should be easier to loose weight while nursing because you burn so much calories. But nursing is not ok to eat whatever. you still have to watch what you eat and exercise at least 20 minutes or more a day. and yes it is possible. keep healthy foods and snacks stocked at home and munch on healthfood all day. There are also lots of fat burning foods out there that are good for you and nursing. you can loose more weight after nursing if your into diet pills and drinks, because you cant have those right now. but really try to use that little calorie burner (baby) to your advantage!:)


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Kristin - posted on 02/23/2011




Wish I could help you with this one but my child sucked the weight right off of me. I also went to the gym and walked with her in her stroller a lot. Breastfeeding burns a whole lot of calories. I believe it is 20 calories per ounce that you produce roughly. I had some trouble before pregnancy losing weight and it ended up I had a low thyroid function. I am not doctor, but it's worth a check...simple blood test. You probably wouldn't notice the tiredness that comes with it because as breastfeeding moms, actually, as just moms to new babies, tiredness comes with the territory. Good luck :-)

Jannelle - posted on 02/22/2011




I lost weight when I first starting breastfeeding my son but unfortunately got into the habit of eating more because I was nursing and just seemed to need it. I gained weight back after I stopped nursing and then started losing it again...and found out I was pregnant. Hopefully this time around I'll lose the weight and keep it of. :D

Kaara - posted on 02/22/2011




im just starting to wean my 14 mth old son, and iv only gone down a size since i gave birth. it really does depend on the woman and the will power to stay away from the sweets.

Jennifer - posted on 02/22/2011




I lost weight until i quit breastfeeding then shot up to my delivery weight and cant lose it no matter what i do.

Allie - posted on 02/22/2011




I lost a little pregnancy weight when I was nursing, but I didn't lose the bulk of it until I stopped nursing.. I think it was because I was constantly sitting while nursing and consuming a few more calories than normal.....

Mary Renee - posted on 02/22/2011




I had this situation. I ate exactly 1800 calories for three weeks and didn't lose any weight! I would go down two pounds and up two pounds, regardless of what I was eating! It was so frusterating.

Then I started exercising. Exercising broke the plateu I was out and I lost 15 pounds. Exercising saved my butt because you really shouldn't resctrict calories while you're nursing.

That said, I eat well (but don't over eat) and I exercise three times a week, and I've been 5 pounds away from my pre-pregnancy weight for the past three months. Another mom in my exercise group told me that you lose the last 5 when you wean, your boobs hold on to a little weight while you're nursing. But not a lot.

If you have more than 10 pounds away from your ideal weight, try exercise. If you're only 5 pounds, I wouldn't worry about it and I would wait until you've weaned to lose it.

Jennifer - posted on 02/22/2011




I breast fed my children for 16 months . I lost some weight. Just have to go jogging, and eat healthy. And breastfeeding helps you burn calories.. I'm sure you'll do just fine.

Christina - posted on 02/21/2011




I was able to nurse for 6 1/2 months before my body couldn't keep up with my daughters demands. I lost the baby weight really quick and even a few pounds I was trying to lose before pregnancy. Since weaning, I've gained a little weight back but I've been able to maintain by being active with my daughter and trying to eat better to set good examples for her. Everyone is different just like during pregnancy. Try working with your doctor to find a system that works for you. Best of luck.

Sherry - posted on 02/20/2011




With my first, not so much. When all was said and done I weighed about 10 lbs more than I did before I got PG. With my second the weight just came right off. ALL of my PG weight and more. I now weigh about what I did at the beginning of college or a little less. However, I am a little more active with the second one because now I have two LO to run around after, so that could be it too. AND I eat a little better since I'm now unemployed and staying at home. I tend to eat better lunches, when I remember to eat lunch anyways. Sometimes I just don't feel hungry. This usually happens on my big breakfast days. Also one the days where I don't eat lunch we end up with a little earlier dinner.
I have also heard (and hope) that more comes off when you wean because your body holds onto a little extra fat reserves.
AND I did still lose weight after the six month mark. I'm now almost at 10 months and it seems to have tapered off a lot. I'm closer to weighing the same instead of losing. I hope to change that in the spring with a little more activites.
Good Luck!

Nikki - posted on 02/19/2011




I had heard that the weight just falls of you when you are breast feeding but that didn't happen with me. I didn't loose weight at all. For me it was probably because I had huge problems with attachment therefore I didn't get any sleep for months and I ate without thinking and on the run.

Sharlie - posted on 02/19/2011




i lost weight while bf. but everyone is different and pregnancy effects everyones body differently. its takes 9 months for you to gain the weight, so expect it to take more than that to lose it! good luck xx

Candice - posted on 02/16/2011




I lost a TON of weight while nursing in the first few weeks, Then came birth control pounds with friends partied all over me. o.O Still fighting to get that progestin induced fat suit off me.I stopped the mini pill almost 2 years ago.

Carolyn - posted on 02/16/2011




after the intitial post delivery weight drop, i ended up gaining 6 lbs feeling like a bottomless pit. I was sooooooooo hungry. so i started have a glass of water when i got hungry outside of normal meals, and then waited 30 minutes if i was still hungry then id have a snack, but many times i got distraced and didnt fill my face. That helped to stop the weight gain but i still wasnt losing, even with going to zumba regularly. So i started weight watchers after thanksgiving and in 10 weeks i lost 21 lbs. WeightWatchers takes into account your nursing and gives you extra points to allowe for those extra bits of nutrients and food you need to sustain healthy breastmilk. I have just had a hardtime getting back on the wagon since christmas LOL. I do fine during the day usually but its those damned sugar cravings in the afternoon adn evening that get me everytime !!! Bah, each sunday i tell myself " this is the week" ill start following it rigidly and then there is somekind of family dinner ( insert excuse here) LOL sigh..

but yeah im still nursing @ 8 months and still have 15 lbs to go.

Kelsi - posted on 02/15/2011




? I had a harder time loosing my baby weight with my first whom I did not breastfeed. I thought it would be worse the second time around (especially since I gained a whoping 55 lbs!) But I breastfed my second and it seemed to just fall off instantly! everyone's different though.

Angel - posted on 02/15/2011




I still haven't lost my pregnany weight and my daughter is 14 months old. I am breastfeeding still too. Hopeing for her to finally wean off. I am also taking Nora Be but i feel thats not helping me lose the weight either. I don't eat alot. I eat small meals. I just don't know what to do either.

Cori - posted on 02/15/2011




i gained weight while i was breastfeeding because it made me sooo hungry every time i sat down to nurse. 6 months of exclusive breastfeeding, then we introduced some solids but mostly breastfed for 15 months and i managed to gain 12 lbs!! after i weaned i was able to go to the gym more and get more physical play time with my son because he was older and i lost 35 lbs in 8 months, then got pregnant again and gained it all back in the last 8 months (im due next month) im hoping breastfeeding goes better this time in the "weight department" it'd be nice to get some of those benefits from it!

[deleted account]

I think every woman is different for sure! My friend had a very hard time loosing the baby weight, but lost it all very quickly after she'd weaned her baby (at 6 months). She said that it felt like her body kept some kind of reserve while nursing. I on the contrary lost it all within 3 months and am now desperately trying not to loose too much more... Unfair isn't it!

Erin - posted on 02/15/2011




usually when you breast feed you loose weight. that's wierd. what does your diet consist of? because if you eat more yogurt thats really good for your digestion as well as Vitamin A.

Abby - posted on 02/15/2011




I have actually found it was easier to loose weight while nursing. However, I have noticed my appetite has grown a lot and I just have to be careful to eat the normal amount of food (and avoid the chips and chocolate :) not eat until I was full or everytime I was hungry.

Leila - posted on 02/15/2011




With my son, when he was about 5 months old and started asking for solids I lost a lot of weight cause i wanted to try and wait till the 6 month mark before i gave him anything other than milk and it seemed like he sucked all the fat outta me in that short period of time. Now my daughter is 3 months and I don’t seem to be shifting the extra baby pounds, but I’m not going to stress about that till I stop breastfeeding. I would not worry too much about things yet, like one of my friends tells me, it’s not fat while your feeding its potential breast milk.

Diana - posted on 02/14/2011




I lost 40 lbs right after I had my baby I was 225 when I went to hosp and 185 right after I delivered however I have been on the ortho evra patch now and I think that has stopped me from loosing the weight I have been nursing for just about 5 months and I thought that I would loose weight as well but it is a slow task let me tell you it's all good and when your body is ready to loose the weight it will.

Nicole - posted on 02/14/2011




i was the same way. All 3 of mine got weaned a little bit after 6 months. then i finally was slowly able to shed the last 15 or 10 lbs. Right now my youngest is 8 months so im still working on the last 5-10lbs to get back to pre pregnancy weight. I held onto those last 10lbs like i was hibernating for the winter. Everything else came off very quickly. If you lose it slowly its most likely to stay off easier. good luck :)

Sarh - posted on 02/14/2011




I'm the same way!! I thought breastfeeding helped with weight loss.... but I personally have not seen any in myself.

Tina - posted on 02/14/2011




Keep at it it will help you loose weight. It took me 9 months to loose my weight with my first, twice that with my second and now with my third almost 2 years later Im still struggling to loose it. But if you are watching what you eat and trying to be active ... it will happen. Just lately Ive had people tell me Ive lost weight! YAY!!! but it is taking its time!!

Merry - posted on 02/14/2011




It's very different for each woman, and even different for each pregnancy sometimes!
But usually, weaning causes more weight gain because making the milk does burn calories.
That is a fact, so scientifically speaking breastfeeding makes women lose calories better.
But maybe some women eat more to compensate for their breastfeeding and then gain weight.
Personally I was one who lost too much weight. I was at a bmi of 19 and anything smaller would have been categorized as malnourished!
But I conceived our second when I was still breastfeeding our first son so with the pregnancy I'm happy to say I'm gaining perfectly well. I'm still breastfeeding my son now, he si almost 2 and I'm 6 months pregnant. I'll breastfeed both once my daughter is born so I'm going to make sure I don't lose too much again.

Amy - posted on 02/14/2011




With my oldest I gained weight, this time I've been loosing it. Although once I hit about 2 months I stoped and maintained, but that's just because I've been eating too much :(. i'm paying more attention to what I'm eating and I'm starting to loose again.

Cyndel - posted on 02/14/2011




Every woman is different. I actually gained weight while nursing. Though part of that was that though I had a great diet in other aspects I, had too many soda's and candies as snacks. I'm changing that, now. But I think I would have had a hard time loosing weight during nursing. I hope that with a change in my snacks and the frequencies of my deserts, and exercise since I'll be having the baby just before summer making it easier to exercise as I walk outside and can't afford a gym right now.
So you aren't alone, I would just eat well, exercise when you can, try to do exercises you can do with baby, walking around the mall with LO in a stroller or a carrier, or outside if the weather is good. And weight for the actual diet until your baby is weened or only nursing for comfort not for most of his/her nutrition and food. Like around a year old.

Elfrieda - posted on 02/14/2011




I think all women are different. One person I know lost an unhealthy amount of weight when she was nursing. Like, the doctors were concerned about it! She'd eat as much as she could stuff in her face, but it was like it all went to the baby. Another person had almost lost her baby weight while nursing, then she weaned at 6 months and gained 15 lbs immediately. I was more like you. I lost weight extremely slowly. Weaning made no difference to me. I finally got back to my prebaby weight at 13 months.

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