Any single mother's in the military?

Tara - posted on 08/27/2009 ( 2 moms have responded )




I'm a single mom about to deploy for 4 months with the AF & leave my 5 yr old daughter with my parent's. She starts kindergarten on 9/1/09. Any tips or suggestions? Thanks!


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That must be fun going on deployment!!!! I am not single but being married to a soilder that's never home I might as well be... lol but the same motto goes with people who are in the military with kids single or married... focus on your job when your over it helps with being away, have a great support team at home with friends & family and keep your kids in a structure routine that flows with the kids... if your daughter goes to kindy before you go then this will help with the routine start getting her used to the idea of where she is staying while you are away... tell her where you are going on a map she can hang up on the wall with a calander of how many days until you see her again & get your parents involved with the routine but let them have a input too as it helps with your daughter get through the time you are away... maybe get her an army bear (dressed in army gear) & call her mummy army bear so she can cuddle it & talk to it when she misses you, my kids have them it helps them feel like daddy is there watching over them... you can also talk to her kindy about you going away this is your biggest help as they will help her & u... in Australia we have DSTA (defence school transition aides) they help with school kids while their parents are on deplolyment see if you have something similar... I hope I have been some help & good luck :)

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